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Animal Orders

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Ordering from JHU-Approved Vendors:

All animal purchases (whether from a vendor or other source) must be placed through the Johns Hopkins SAP ordering system.  Orders placed through SAP are routed to the animal procurement office after obtaining budget approval. If you need further information, please contact the animal procurement office at 410-955-3713. 

Rodents from JHU-approved vendors may be shipped direct into rodent housing. JHU-approved vendors include major US vendors such as Charles River, Harlan, Taconic and Jackson, plus most of the mutant mouse regional resource centers. PLEASE NOTE: there are a number of other smaller specialized rodent vendors in the US and overseas that are categorized as approved vendors in SAP to enable payment.   However they do not have stringent standards for infection exclusion therefore animals from these sources may not be shipped directly into the colonies.  Instead they must come in through quarantine in the same way as rodents from other institutions.

Obtaining Rodents from Another Institution:

All rodents from other institutions and smaller vendors that do not meet infection exclusion standards must come in through rodent quarantine. Animal resources personnel will arrange the arrange the shipment.  For more information, go to rodent import/export. For additional questions regarding specific shipments, contact the animal shipping coordinator.