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Perioperative Clinical Research


The Perioperative Clinical Research Unit provides faculty members with core facilities that serve as a comprehensive resource for planning, conducting, and analyzing data from clinical investigations. The unit is supported by three research nurse coordinators and one non-nurse research coordinator. Areas of active investigation span multiple perioperative disciplines, including outcomes after cardiac surgery, pediatrics, critical care, and clinical pain management. The research structure provides ample support for investigator- and industry-sponsored studies, including administrative assistance and IRB submission support. Other areas of investigation include long-term outcomes studies in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team associated with pulmonary and critical care medicine and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Faraday, Nauder – Professor. Research Focus: translational and clinical research programs in platelet biology and perioperative genomics. PERIOPERATIVE, CARDIOVASCULAR

Fuchs, Ralph – Assistant Professor. Research Focus: conducting translational research to improve the survival rates of patients with septic shock. PERIOPERATIVE

Hogue, Charles – Professor. Research Focus: methods to improve outcomes from cardiovascular surgery with a particular focus on brain and kidney injury. CARDIOVASCULAR, PERIOPERATIVE

Hunt, Elizabeth – Assistant Professor.

Koehler, Ray – Professor. Research Focus: basic and preclinical translational research in the areas of cerebrovascular physiology and cerebral ischemic injury that arises from stroke and cardiac arrest. CARDIOVASCULAR, CEREBROSCIENCE, PERIOPERATIVE

Njoku, Dolores – Associate Professor. Research Focus: investigating drug-induced, immune-mediated liver injury. PERIOPERATIVE

Sieber, Frederick – Associate Professor, Attending Physician and Chair, Bayview Medical Center. Research Focus: solving problems specific to the geriatric surgical population and optimizing surgical outcomes. PERIOPERATIVE

Ulatowski, John - Professor. Research Focus: the regulatory mechanisms of cerebral blood flow and oxygen delivery to the brain; health service research toward the design of safer systems surrounding the care of perioperative/periprocedural patients. PERIOPERATIVE

Yaster, Myron - Richard J. Traystman Distinguished Professor. Research Focus: optimizing pediatric pain management. PAIN, PERIOPERATIVE