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Extramural Grant Submission Process

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Deadlines for All Electronic Submissions

Days Prior to Final Submission Deadline

(F-Full or B-Business: M-F)

Applicable to NIH K, R, U, and F awards and to private foundation awards.

6 weeks

Indicate intention to submit grant(s) for this cycle.  Please email intent to:

19 B

Initial budget information to financial analyst.   (14 business days prior to ORA due date)

12 B to 18 B

Work with financial analyst on budget revisions (7 to 13 business days prior to ORA due date)

26 F (notification)

21 F (submit for review)

Scientific peer review (Optional but highly recommended). The NIH reviewer should not be the first person to read your grant. A consensus review will be generated by an internal NIH-style review committee. Applications will be reviewed by at least two anonymous reviewers, followed by an NIH-style committee discussion to generate consistent and helpful advice. Applicants will then receive a written critique detailing the strengths and weaknesses (if any) of the application, and suggestions for improvement (if warranted). Critiques will be returned at least 1 week before ORA due date (Must notify Claire Levine []) of intent to participate in a scientific peer review at least 26 full days prior to ORA due date. Must submit grant to at least 21 full days prior to ORA due date.)

12 B

(Budget must be final) COEUS certification to be signed

10 B

Send all biosketches in MS Word format to analyst

10 B

Editorial review (Optional). Submit the scientific portion of the grant for editorial review to  Depending on volume, editorial review will take 2 to 5 business days. (For best results, submit the grant for editorial review at least 5 business days before ORA due date.)

6 B

Deadline for final PDF documents to be submitted to your Financial Analyst

5 B

Final Grant Package (INCLUDING Science if it is an electronic submission) due at ORA (5 business days prior to agency deadline). Will be submitted by your analyst.  



*This information is provided for guidance only. For specifics related to the timing of your submission, please consult your budget analyst in the Finance Office.

Grant submission timeline