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2012 Research Day

The 14th annual ACCM Research Day was held on Monday, December 10, 2012, in Turner Concourse. Guest speaker Sulpicio G. Soriano presented a lecture titled "Anesthetic-induced developmental neurotoxicity, known unknowns" at a luncheon on Tuesday, December 11.


Congratulations to the 2012 Research Day Award Recipients!

Cardiac and Vascular Medicine
1st Place: Janna V. Serbo, Poster: Bioblocks: three-dimensional constructs of cell-derived, human extracellular matrix with specific and confined geometry
2nd Place: Deepesh Pandey, Poster: Arginase2 activation via subcellular trafficking: A novel mechanism for vascular endothelial dysfunction in atherosclerosis

Critical Care Medicine
1st Place: Atul Kalanuria, Poster: The inappropriate diagnosis and treatment of ventilator-associated pneumonia is common in comatose patients in neurocritical care units
2nd Place: Rajeev Wadia, Poster: Correlation of dexmedetomidine dose and duration with withdrawal and need for adjunctive clonidine therapy in critically ill children

 Innovation in Education
1st Place: Melissa Fussell, Poster: Modified delphi assessment of need based learning priorities for pediatric acute care simulation curriculum and code card development in sub-Saharan Africa

1st Place: Bindu Balakrishnan, Poster: Dendrimer-based postnatal therapy for neuroinflammation and cerebral palsy in a rabbit model
2nd Place: Romergryko Geocadin, Orexin-A enhances arousal from post-cardiac arrest coma in a rodent model

1st Place: Yun Guan, Poster: MrgC/C11 agonists inhibit N-type calcium channels in dorsal root ganglion neurons and attenuate dorsal horn mEPSC frequency in nerve-injured mice
2nd Place: Orion Furmanski, Poster: Abnormal pain processing in a Shank3 mouse model of autism spectrum disorder

 Perioperative Medicine
1st Place: Masahiro Ono, Poster: Duration and magnitude of blood pressure below cerebral autoregulation threshold during cardiopulmonary bypass is associated with major morbidity and operative mortality
2nd Place: Hale McMichael, Poster: Nocturnal hypercarbia from preoperative polysomnography increases risk of post-operative respiratory complications after adenotonsillectomy

 Pulmonary Medicine, Immunity, and Sepsis
1st Place: Lucas Meuchel, Poster: Resistin-like molecule alpha knockout reduces sugen/hypoxia induced pulmonary hypertension
2nd Place: Kazuyo Yamaji-Kegan, Poster: Hypoxia-induced mitogenic factor (HIMF/FIZZ1/RELMα) induces pulmonary endothelial cell apoptosis and subsequent pulmonary hypertension in a Th2-dependent mechanism

 Stroke and Global Ischemia
1st Place: Jian Wang, Poster: A lipid-soluble iron chelator protects against intracerebral hemorrhage in mice
2nd Place: Emmett Whitaker, Poster: Cerebrovascular autoregulation after pediatric cardiac arrest