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2011 Research Day

The 13th annual ACCM Research Day was held on Wednesday, December 7, 2011, in Turner Concourse. Guest speaker Dr. Timothy Brennan presented Grand Rounds on December 8 in Hurd Hall.

Award winners

Congratulations to the 2011 Research Day Award Recipients!

Cardiac and Vascular Medicine
First place: Gautam Sikka
Second place: Katherine Heberlein

Innovation in Education
First place: Julie H. Y. Huang
Second place: Courtney Masear

Neuroscience - Basic Mechanistic Studies
First place: Zeng-Jin Yang
Silver: Bindu Balakrishnan

Neuroscience - Clinical Insight
First place: Haley Goodwin
Second place: Robert G. Kowalski

First place: Xinzhong Dong
Second place: Fidelis E. Atianjoh

Patient Safety and Quality Improvement
First place: Vinciya Pandian
Second place: Jessica George

Perioperative Medicine
First place: Yueying Zheng
Second place: Charles Brown

Pulmonary Medicine - Inflammation and Immunity
First place: Dolores Njoku
Second place: Jeffrey Dodd-o

YX Tao, T Brennan, and N Flavahan

Dr. Timmothy Brennan (center) of the University of Iowa Department of Anesthesia delivered a lecture titled "How Surgery Causes Pain." He is with Dr. Yun-Xiang Tao (left) and Dr. Nicholas Flavahan (ACCM vice-chair for research, right).