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2005 Research Day

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(Name of presenter is underlined)
Principal InvestigatorPoster Title
1Sungwoo Ryoo; Lemmon, Christopher; White, Anthony R.; Soucy, Kevin; Nyhan, Daniel; Artin Shoukas; Lewis, Romer, Lewis H.; Berkowitz, Daniel E.Berkowitz, Daniel E.Ox-LDL-dependent Arginase activation contributes to impaired NO signaling and endothelial dysfunction
2Santhanam, Lakshmi; Patel, Meet; Balanson, Sarit; White, Ron; Shoukas, Artin; Berkowitz, Daniel E.Berkowitz, Daniel E.S-Nitosylation dependent modulation of aginase activity
3Soucy, Kevin; Sungwoo Ryoo; Elser, Jeremy; Shoukas, Artin A.; Berkowitz, Daniel E.Berkowitz, Daniel E.Real-Time Evaluation of Shear Stress-Induced Nitric Oxide Release in Endothelium of Intact Rat Aorta
4White, Anthony R.; Lukasz Bugaj; Attwater, Sarah, Abbot, Bryce; Li, Dechun; Champion, Hunter C.; Shoukas, Artic A.; Nyhan, Daniel; Hare, Joshua M.; Berkowitz, Daniel E.Berkowitz, Daniel E.Early Changes in Vasoreactivity in a Terrestrial Model of Microgravity are due to an Up regulation of the Endothelium-Independent Nitric Oxide/cGmp Pathway
5Blasco-Colmenares, ElenaBlasco-Colmenares, ElenaType of Wound Infection and Mortality After Cardiac Surgery
6Ahmad, Abdullah; Doré, SylvainDoré, SylvainRole of Heme Oxygenase 1 (HO1) in excitotoxicity models
7Ahmad, Muzamil; Saleem, Sofiyan; Zhuang, Hean; Ahmad, Abdullah Shafique; Echeverria, Valentina; Sapirstein, Adam; Doré, SylvainDoré, SylvainHydroxy-PGE1 Reduces Infarction Volume in Mouse Transient Cerebral Ischemia
8Echeverria, Valentina; Clerman, Andrew; Doré, SylvainDoré, SylvainStimulation of PGE2 EP2 and EP4 receptors suppress ß?-Amyloid-induced oxidative stress in mouse cultured postnatal neurons
9Li, Rung-chi; Jong-Seok Lee, Jong-Seak; Smith, Ann; Doré, SylvainDoré, SylvainRole of Heme-Hemopexin complex in regulating Heme Oxygenase-1-mediated neuroprotective pathways
10Saleem, Sofiyan; Doré, SylvainDoré, SylvainReduction of infarct size by Ginkgo biloba extract (EGb 761)
11Shah, Zahoor; Doré, SylvainDoré, Sylvain7.0 Silicone-Coated monofilament: A Better And Promising Alternative for Inducing Transient Middle Cerebral Artery (MCA) Occlusion in Mice
12Wang, Jian; Doré, SylvainDoré, SylvainRole of Heme Oxygenase in a mouse model of Intracerebral Hemorrhage
13Wei, Guo; Doré, SylvainDoré, SylvainProstaglandin role on core temperature regulation and delayed neuronal injury in mouse global cerebral ischemia
14Fu, Juan; Faraday, NauderFaraday, NauderIL-6 Enhances the Proaggregatory Effect of Leukocytes on Ex Vivo Platelet Function and In Vivo Thrombus Formation
15Gottschalk, Allan; Chevillet, MarkGottschalk, AllanVolatile Anthesthetics and MAC-Awake in a Computational Model of the Thalamic Network
16Fuchs, Ralph; London, Brain Harris, Z. LeahHarris, LeahThe Role of Iron in Altering Immunity in the Face of Inflammation and Infection Utilizing a Murine Model of Sepsis
17Xu, Xueying; Pin, Sokhon; Harris, Z. LeahHarris, LeahMulticopper Oxidases and the Central Nervous System
18Xu, Xueying; Pin, Sokhon; Harris, Z. LeahHarris, LeahRegulation of Iron homeostasis: how is hepcidin expression determined?
19Xu, Xueying; Pin, Sokhon; Harris, Z. LeahHarris, LeahThe Role of Multi-Copper Oxidases in the Central Nervous System
20Zhang, Jian; Sun, Vivian; Huang, JudyHuang, JudyLocalization of estrogen receptor alpha (ER-a) and Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 (MMP-9) expression in focal cerebral ischemia
21Hunt, Elizabeth; Nelson, Kristen; Shilkofski, NicoleHunt, ElizabethTBD
22Lancaster, Christopher T.; Boyle, Patrick M.Kaczka, David W.Delivered Tidal Volume from the Fabius GS Depends upon Breathing Circuit Configuration Despite Compliance Compensation
23Massa, Christopher; Kaczka, DavidKaczka, DavidComputer Simulation of Pulmonary Mechanics with a Morphometric Model of the Respiratory System: Effects of Lung Tissue Heterogeneity
24Li, Min; Kearney, MargueriteKearney, MargueriteEffects of Estrogen on Pial Artery response to ADP after Global ischemia
25Ardelt, Agnieszka; Anjum, Naseem; McCullough; Louise; Korach, Kenneth; Wang, Michael; Hurn, Patricia; Koehler, Raymond C.Koehler, Raymond C.Estrogens and the Cerebral Neurovascular Unit: Estradiodl Modulates Angiopoietin-1 in a Rodent Stroke Model
26Cao, Suyi; Koehler, Raymond C.Koehler, Raymond C.Contribution of adenosine A2A and A2B receptors to cerebrovascular response to activation of AMPA receptors
27Klaus, Judith A; Koh, David; Xu, Zhenfeng; Li, Xiaoling; Dawson, Ted M; Dawson, Valina L; Koehler, Raymond C.Koehler, Raymond C.Protective role of poly (ADP-ribose) glycohydrolase in transient focal cerebral ischemia
28Li, Xiaoling; Nemoto, Masaaki; Yu, Seong-Woon; Dawson, Ted M; Dawson, Valina L; Koehler, Raymond C.Koehler, Raymond C.Early reperfusion after focal cerebral ischemia accelerates translocation of apoptosis inducing factor to the nucleus
29Nemoto, Masaaki; Fronticelli, Clara; Koehler, Raymond C.Koehler, Raymond C.Reduction of infarct volume by transfusion of recombinant hemoglobin polymers with different oxygen affinities during transient focal cerebral ischemia
30Yang, Zeng-Jin; Martin, Lee J; Koehler, Raymond CKoehler, Raymond C.Neuroprotective effects of dopamine D1 and D2 receptor antagonists in putamen after hypoxia-ischemia in newborn piglet
31Mirski, Marek; Ziai Wendy; Sherman, David ; Thakor, NitishMirski, MarekDeep Brain Stimulation For Intractable Epilepsy: Chemical And Network EEG Evidence Supporting Anterior Thalamus As Critical Target Site
32Mirski, Marek; Sprung, Mollie; Lewin, John III, Zink, ElizabethMirski, MarekAcute Neurological ICU Sedation Trial (ANIST)
33Njoku, Dolores B.; Mellerson, Jenelle L.; Rose, Noel R.Njoku, DoloresImmune-mediated drug-induced, idiosyncratic hepatitis in mice requires IL-4 as well as IL-4-dependent, MIP-2
34Borzan, J. Zhao; Meyer, C.; Raja Srinivasa N.Raja, Srinivasa N.Sex differences in sensitivity to mechanical and thermal stimulation between ASIC 3 knockout and wild type mice
35Agarwal, Shefali; Broatch, James; Srinivasa N. RajaRaja, Srinivasa N.Web-based epidemiological survey of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome-1
36Chen, Joey; Voytenko, Larysa; Miriel, Victor; Rivers, RichardRivers, RichardAdenovirus-mediated Cell-specific Gene Expression in Hamster Cheek Pouch
37Miriel, Victor; Rivers, RichardRivers, RichardTRPV1 in Micro vascular Regulation
38Moore, Timothy; Rivers, RichardRivers, RichardImmunohistochemical identification of CGRP and adenosine A2A intrinsic neurons in hamster cheek pouch
39Chang, Fumin; Lemmon, Christopher; Horvitz, Denise; Romer, LewisRomer, LewisRac1 Activation and Translocation to Matrix Adhesion Sites Is Facilitated by FAK
40Lemmon, Christopher; Chang, Fumin; Chen, Chris; Romer, LewisRomer, LewisInterdependence of fibronectin fibrillogenesis cell-generated tension, and Focal Adhension Kinase
41Lemmon, Christopher; Sniadecki, Nathan; Alom Ruiz, Sami; Chen, Chris; Romer, LewisRomer, LewisQuantitative analysis of forces generated at the cell-matrix interface
42Sapirstein, Adam; Brady, Ken; Texel, Sarah J.; Dore, Sylvain; Koehler; RaymondSapirstein, AdamCytosolic Phospholipase A2 Alpha Modulates NMDA Neurotoxicity in Mouse Hippocampal Cultures
43Ying, Shen; Koji, Kishimoto; David j. Linden; Sapirstein, AdamSapirstein, AdamcPLA2a activity is required for the electrophysiological sequelae of neurotoxin NMDA treatment in hippocampal CA1 pyramid neurons
44Kishimoto, Koji; Sapirstein, AdamSapirstein, AdamcPLA2a Amplifies Early Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury through Regulation of COX2 and Oxidative Stress
45Sciavi, AdamSciavi, AdamTBD
46Maleski, Jerome; Chang, Tony; Pathak, Ravi; Slodzinski, MartinSlodzinski, MartinMyometrical relaxation and toxolytic desensitization: plasmalemmal sodium calcium exchanger (NCX) function and expression in human myometrial cells
47Stevens, Robert D.; Tamer Abdelhak; Joao A Gomes; Julio A ChalelaStevens, Robert D.Brain MRI Reveals The Structural Causes of Encephalopathy Acquired During Critical Illness
48Stevens, Robert D; Tamer Abdelhak; Joao A Gomes; Julio A ChalelaStevens, Robert D.The Diagnosis Of Stroke In Patients With Critical Illness
49Stonemetz, Jerry; Robert Marino; Mike Foster; Jeffrey Plagenhoef; Ulatowski, John A.Stonemetz, JerryEffect of Anesthesia Documentation on the APR-DRG Classification at the Four Institutions
50Chu, Ya-Chun; Guan, Yun; Skinner, John; Raja, Srinivasa N; Johns, Roger A; Tao, Yuan-XiangTao, Yuan-XiangEffect of genetic knockout or pharmacologic inhibition of neurol nitric oxide synthase on Complete Freunds adjuvant-induced persistent pain
51Zakriya, Khwaja J.Zakriya, Khwaja J.Postoperative Delirium Following Hip Fracture Repair is Associated with Changes in the Neutrophil and Lymphocyte Response

Dr. Mark Rogers
was our distinguished guest.

Dr. Rogers' Grand Rounds

Dr. Mark Rogers
Dr. Mark Rogers
  • Exciting discussions about science in the Department. A great time to share and network with other scientists and to learn about the research going on in the department for the residents and fellows.
  • A good opportunity to show off work to the senior leadership in the department for advice and support. Preliminary results are encouraged.