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The Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine at The Johns Hopkins University has excelled in providing leadership and innovation in all aspects of discovery including its creation, dissemination, and application.  Research in Anesthesiology has traditionally focused on a systems biology approach, consistent with the discipline’s clinical role in monitoring critical systems and ensuring survival during our most vulnerable periods.  Anesthesiology Research has maintained this rewarding diversity of research areas, while developing new dimensions relevant to patient care and fostering state-of-the-art molecular approaches.  Our faculty includes world-class investigators (MD, MD/PhD, and PhD scientists) conducting multidisciplinary research in a number of  research areas with major programs in Cardiovascular, Cerebrovascular, Neuroscience, Pulmonary, Pain, Patient Safety and Health Outcomes, and Perioperative Research.       

Dr. Dan Angelini in front of a Monitor

Our departmental research forums encourage enjoyable and productive collaboration between our investigators. The rich interactive environment of Johns Hopkins enables our researchers to connect easily with world-class investigators in all branches of biomedical research.  We strive to achieve true translational research, linking our basic and clinical research programs to deliver novel therapeutics and devices to the bedside, directly investigate interventions and outcomes in our clinical arenas, and perform relevant and insightful investigations at the basic, mechanistic level.  We are also committed to providing a supportive environment for our trainees and junior faculty to ensure their successful development as independent investigators.  Numerous initiatives are organized through our Research and Grants Office and Sponsored Projects Office. Thank you for taking the time to visit our Research web pages.