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Resident physician, Dr. Tiffany Frazee, presents on rounds in the PICU.

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)

The Johns Hopkins Pediatric Intensive Care Unit is one of the country's premier treatment centers for critically ill infants and children. We are especially fortunate in that the PICU falls under the auspices of the anesthesiology department, and as such, anesthesia residents are always welcome to rotate here. This is a multidisciplinary unit where the resident may be exposed to everything from asthma exacerbations to postoperative cardiac surgical patients. At many institutions, anesthesia residents take on an observatory role in the care of critically ill children. Here, they are an integral part of the team and will carry their own patients and perform their own procedures. The PICU faculty and fellows are internationally respected clinicians and outstanding teachers. In addition to the invaluable bedside training they provide, they also gather the team for daily didactics in the form of morning report and a noon lecture or workshop.

For pediatricians, Hopkins is one of the few institutions that offers a combined pediatric critical care/pediatric anesthesiology fellowship. To learn more about this exciting opportunity, click here.

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