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Combined Anesthesiology and Pediatrics Residency

The relationship between the Department of Pediatrics and the Department of Anesthesiology is a strong one with close collaboration between the program director of pediatrics, Janet Serwint, and the program director of anesthesiology, Deborah Schwengel. For this combined program, Dr. Serwint serves as the program director and Dr. Schwengel serves as the associate program director. Candidates for combined training should have thought carefully about their intended career goals, since this combined program adds an additional year of training and requires commitment to achieving and maintaining Board certifications in both specialties and subspecialties. Candidates considering combined training must be committed to a life-long career in the care of children with complex illnesses and needs. The combined training option is ideal for students wishing to complete training with a fellowship in pediatric critical care medicine and/or pediatric anesthesiology; however, combined training is not required to obtain pediatric critical care training or pediatric anesthesiology training. Interested individuals can train in pediatric critical care medicine after completing a pediatric residency, and those interested in pediatric anesthesiology fellowship training can do so after completing an anesthesiology residency. Another career option for combined trainees is subspecialization in pediatric pain medicine. However, combined program trainees are not guaranteed fellowship positions.

Typical trainees are very highly motivated individuals desiring the opportunity to be advocates for children but are also willing to spend some time training in the care of adults (required anesthesiology training). We look for candidates who have prepared diligently to make a well-informed decision about the personal commitment required for combined training and have a love of children that supersedes the cost of the longer training time. At Hopkins we have years of experience in training doctors who have completed separate pediatric and anesthesiology residencies. We know that we produce extremely well-prepared doctors in the subspecialty areas of pediatric critical care medicine and pediatric anesthesiology. Our graduates are all over the country. Consider joining pediatric and anesthesiology training programs that are among the oldest and most renowned in the country, now combined to formally integrate residency training into a five year program that ensures eligibility for Board certification in both pediatrics and anesthesiology. The NRMP number for this combined program is: 1242726C0.

The following table shows the rotations that will completed in each year of training, but not necessarily in the pictured order. Please click on the chart to enlarge it.

The program is approved by the American Board of Pediatrics and the American Board of Anesthesiology. To view their information on the requirements for these programs please choose a link below:

Please feel free to continue to view the rest of this site to get to know the Department of Anesthesiology at Hopkins. Also, feel free to view the website for the Department of Pediatrics for more information on what makes their program one of the best in the nation.

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