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"Colleges" Curriculum

The Colleges
The residency is split into four groups, or colleges, of roughly the same size. Each college has an even distribution of CA-1s, CA-2s, and CA-3s, and each has a faculty advisor. The faculty advisor has a hand in designing the college day experience for their respective group. This college design is intended to foster camaraderie and team spirit in a specialty that is largely individual-driven. The curriculum for college days is designed to cover the entire contents of an anesthesia textbook over two years.

College Days
Each college day starts with Grand Rounds. After Grand rounds, each college splits off and rotates through a series of educational experiences such as lectures, simulation exercises, oral and written board prep, workshops, cadaver labs, evidence-based medicine sessions, systems-based practice sessions, and journal club. For a sample college day schedule, please click here.

College Day Regional Anesthesia Anatomy Lab

Colleges Curriculum
Residents can have a good time, even on college day!
Colleges Curriculum
Residents learn the anatomy of an infraclavicular block at a college day workshop.
Colleges Curriculum
Residents solidify brachial plexus anatomy by reviewing textbook anatomy side by side with in-situ anatomy.
Colleges Curriculum
Residents learn to palpate the external anatomy for regional blocks.
Colleges Curriculum
Hopkins residents enjoy a moment of levity during an intense educational session.
Colleges Curriculum
Hopkins residents get hands-on during a cadaver lab session.

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