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So, you've applied, you've interviewed, and now you're looking to match with us. Congratulations! You're on your way to becoming a resident at one of the world's best medical institutions.

Of course, before you start anesthesia training at Hopkins, you have to complete a clinical base year. At Hopkins, we utilize one rank list that includes advanced positions. You may, of course, apply to and separately rank clinical base year programs that most residents complete prior to starting at Hopkins. Those would be the clinical base years at the Mercy Medical Center and Sinai Hospital programs. It should be noted, however, that Dr. Schwengel has no control over the rank lists of Mercy Medical Center or Sinai.

You may visit the Mercy Medical Center Internship page here or the Sinai internship page here.

A sample rank list to rank at Hopkins with a desire to do your internship at Mercy Medical Center or Sinai would look like this (this list prefers Mercy over Sinai):

Rank Order List (ROL)

  1. Hopkins Anesthesiology Advanced
    Supplemental Rank List:
    1. Mercy IM Internship*
    2. Sinai IM Internship**
    3. If you wish to do an internship outside of Baltimore, your ranking of those programs would go in place of Mercy and Sinai. You may, of course, rank other internships in Baltimore.

*The Mercy interview may be included in the afternoon on your Hopkins interview day.
**You must apply to and interview at Sinai to rank and be ranked by Sinai's stand-alone internal medicine internship. We do not include a Sinai interview on the Hopkins interview day.

Other internship programs in the area include:
Transitional Year Programs:

Internal Medicine Internships:

Pediatrics Internships:

Surgery Internships:

From year to year the above programs may not offer internship positions and the above programs' rotation schedule may not routinely include the clinical base year requirements.

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