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The Johns Hopkins Global Surgical Initiatives

Our Objectives

Partnership Building and Direct Service

The Johns Hopkins University network has extensive partnerships with hospitals and health care facilities worldwide. The Global Surgical Initiative plans to launch its efforts with partnerships in Kenya, Ghana, Mozambique, Ethiopia and Nigeria. These collaborations will be established to strengthen clinical education and training programs through faculty exchanges, coordinated curriculum development and government advocacy efforts.

Establishing Global Standards

The center will coordinate with the World Health Organization to develop global standards for surgical care delivery and training. As one of the premier institutions with experience in healthcare education and training in resource-limited settings, Johns Hopkins is ideally suited to facilitate the task of developing and implementing surgical, obstetrical and anesthesia guidelines for safe, accessible and sustainable care.

Performance Benchmarks

The Center initiative leadership has identified effective interventions targeting critical deficits in surgical services delivery. We are poised to deploy these programs and measure outcomes in multiple countries.

  1. Maternal mortality: the Center will support and expand educational programs targeting midwives and skilled birth attendants to ensure delivery of appropriate medicines and surgical care for potentially fatal bleeding as well as other complications related to pregnancy and childbirth.

  2. Traumatic injuries: the Center will develop and deploy a clinical curriculum to be taught in community health centers and front-line hospitals. These courses will enable health care workers to respond effectively to injuries from road traffic accidents, drowning, and burns.

  3. Pain control: the Center will create and introduce educational programs that train skilled providers to administer safe and cost-effective spinal anesthesia for use during surgical and obstetrical procedures.

  4. Congenital conditions: the Center will empower local providers with appropriate clinical skills to treat infants and children with conditions such as cleft lip, cleft palate and club foot.

  5. Death and disability: the Center will formulate and promote surgical treatment standards targeting the most common conditions such as appendicitis and groin hernias. These will serve not only to save lives in surgical emergencies, but also restore dignity and productivity to people suffering from chronic conditions.

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Anesthesiology Events

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Anesthesiology Grand Rounds

ACCM Grand Rounds take place Thursdays at 7 AM in Hurd Hall. Windows Media Player is required to view webcasts.

9/29: Quality Assurance Committee Meeting

10/6: Abraham Endowed Lecture – Shad Deering, COL, MD, FACOG

10/13: Richard Traystman, PhD

10/20: Patient Based Learning Discussion

10/27: Quality Assurance Committee Meeting

11/3: Glenn Woodworth, MD

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