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2010-2011 Grand Rounds




2011-12-08 How Surgery Causes Pain Timothy Brennan, MD
2011-12-01 Targeted Delivery Using Gene Transfer to Treat Intractable Pain David Fink, MD
2011-11-03 Life At the Frontier Warren Zapol, MD
2011-10-27 The Expert Pathway: A Paradigm Shift in How We Learn and Teach
Keith Baker, MD
2011-09-29 Quality in Anesthesia Richard P. Dutton, MD, MBA, University of Chicago
2011-09-08 Heart Failure: Mechanisms, Augmenting Contractility And Anesthesia Considerations Wei Dong Gao , MD
2011-09-01 Blood Transfusion and Clinical Outcomes Steven Frank, MD
2011-08-18 Perioperative Antiplatelet Therapy Management in Patients with Coronary Artery Stents Combined Multidisciplinary Grand Rounds
2011-08-11 Improving Outcomes in Cardiac Arrest and CPR with Inhaled Nitric Oxide Fumito Ichinose, MD, PhD
2011-07-14 A New Way to Facilitate Collaborative Research and Engage External Partners Using the Web Steve Carchedi, MedDium
2011-06-16 Post-Craniotomy Pain Management: A Model for Clinical Research using Six Sigma Myron Yaster MD, Athir Morad, MD, and Allan Gottschalk, MD, PhD


Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine Alumni 2011 Biennial Meeting Webcast
2011 Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Reunion Weekend & Biennial Meeting

Various Speakers

2011-06-09 Benson Lecture - Descending Control Mechanisms in Acute and Chronic Pain
About Donald W. Benson
Frank Porreca, PhD
2011-05-12 Abraham Lecture - Obstetric Anesthesia: The World is A Circle Robert R. Gaiser, MD, Univ. of Pennsylvania
2011-05-19 CRPS in Children: Challenges and Update Navil F. Sethna, MD
2011-04-21 Early Mobilization In The ICU? John P. Kress, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Chicago Department of Medicine
2011-04-14 The Use Of Anesthetic Drugs In Lethal Injection For Capital Punishment; Should Physicians Be Involved? A. Terry Walman, MD, J.D.
2011-03-17 Novel Opioid Receptor and Agonists Renyu Liu, MD, M.S. PhD, Univ. of Pennsylvania
2011-02-17 Outcome Prediction in Severe Brain Injury Louis Puybasset, MD, PhD, Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital, Paris
2011-01-27 Goal-Directed Echocardiography in the ICU Achikam Oren-Grinberg, MD, MS.
2011-01-20 Combined Multidisciplinary Grand Rounds: New building preparation and transition to The Sheikh Zayed Tower and The Charlotte R. Bloomberg Children's Center.  
2010-11-04 Human Physiology In Extreme Environments: Man Underwater Richard E. Moon, MD, FCCM, Duke University
2010-10-28 From Gene to Therapy: A New Understanding of Pulmonary Hypertension Roger Johns, MD, MHS

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Anesthesiology Grand Rounds

ACCM Grand Rounds take place Thursdays at 7 AM in Hurd Hall. Windows Media Player is required to view webcasts.

10/6: Abraham Endowed Lecture – Shad Deering, COL, MD, FACOG

10/13: Richard Traystman, PhD

10/20: Patient Based Learning Discussion

10/27: Quality Assurance Committee Meeting

11/3: Glenn Woodworth, MD

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