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Anesthesiology Fellowships

The original faculty of The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, including such pioneers of modern medicine as William Osler, William S. Halsted, Howard A. Kelly and William H. Welch, created a curriculum designed not just to impart knowledge, but to create it. The "Hopkins Model," as it came to be known, soon was adopted by virtually every medical school in the country. From medical and graduate students to residents to clinical and research fellows, those who train at Johns Hopkins have the opportunity to engage face-to-face and work shoulder-to-shoulder with many of the world's leading physicians, scientists, nurses, pharmacists and medical educators.

The Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine at the Johns Hopkins Hospital continues this proud tradition of academic and clinical excellence. Over the years, the department has had the opportunity to play a key role in numerous medical advances that have had a profound impact on modern medicine. From the development of congenital heart disease surgery to the original observations on the techniques for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, individuals in this department have been active participants and contributors.

During the past decade, we have been involved in establishing the field of Anesthesiology as a leader in the care of the critically ill. Major developments in surgical, pediatric, and neurologic intensive care, intra-operative monitoring, physiologic and biochemical alterations in shock and more have all had their origins from within this department. Today, the department staffs and directs the Surgical, Neurologic, and Pediatric Intensive Care Units. The Department founded the country's first pediatric intensive care unit.

Current Fellows

Adult Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology
Heather Kaiser
Megan Kostibas
Zahra Malik
John McNeil
Ami Naik
Farrah Sajan

Adult Critical Care
Mohamed Ben Omran
Stephanie Cha
Min-Shue Chen
Michael Grant
Jessica Reardon
Jed Wolpaw

Neurosurgical Anesthesia
Mohit Datta
Pravin George
Shamir Haji
Yousef Hannawi
Yogesh Moradiya
Santosh Murthy
Christa San Luis
Jharna Shah
Kartavya Sharma

Pain Medicine
Frank Lee
Caleb Kroll
Vanston Masri
Zackary Boomsaad

Pediatric Anesthesia Fellows
Charles T. Barkulis, Jr.
Giuliana Geng-Ramos
Natalia Hnatiuk
Joanne Hunsberger
Yarnell Lafortune
Giselle Torres

Pediatric Critical Care
Meghan Bernier
Melanie Cooper
Andrew Corcoran
Jennifer Criscola
Melissa Fussell
Bereketeab Haileselassie
Kareen Jones
Jennifer Kramer
Nicholas Morin
Shilpa Narayan
Julia Noether
Caitlin O’Brien
Lindsey Rasmussen
Rebecca Riggs
Miriam Shapiro
Kristen Smith
Elizabeth Tucker
Renee Willett
Charlotte Woods-Hill


Grand Rounds
Calendar and Webcasts

Grand Rounds take place Thursdays at 7 AM in Hurd Hall.

8/28: "Perioperative Management of Anti-Platelet Therapy" – Nauder Faraday, MD
Watch webcast >>

9/4: Eighth Robert A. Abraham, M.D. Endowed Lecture: "Post-Cesarean Pain Management: Past, Present, and Future" – Brendan Carvalho, MBBCh, FRCA, MDCH
Watch webcast >>

9:11: Patient-Based Learning Discussion – Tracey Smith Stierer, MD

9/18: "Biological Targets For The Treatment Of Traumatic Brain Injury" – Courtney Robertson, MD
Watch webcast >>

"Pediatric Anesthesia Neurotoxicity" – David Mintz, MD
Watch webcast >>

"ACCM - Innovation in Academic Medicine" – Mark Rogers, MD
Watch webcast >>

Archived webcasts >>


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