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Our Staff Members


Division of Allergy & Clinical Immunology Faculty, Fellows & Staff 2010-2011

Administrative Core

Kate Walls, Sr. Administrative Manager
Janet R. Dorer
, Sr. Administrative Assistant
Fallon Bachman, Research Service Analyst
Patricia Oldewurtel, Research Program Assistant II
Nancy Van Keuren, Research Program Assistant II
Chenelle E. Johnson, Medical Training Program Administrator

Kate Walls
Kate is the Administrative Manager for Allergy and Clinical Immunology and has oversight of all financial, operational, and administrative activities including program/business development, clinic management, and human resources.

Janet R. Dorer
Janet is the Senior Administrative Assistant to the Division Director, Dr. Bruce S. Bochner. She is responsible for the coordination of a variety of grant, committee and planning roles, as well as being responsible for the divisional website.

Fallon Bachman
Fallon is a Research Service Analyst who will be working on sponsored research projects, primarily with Dr. Kathleen Barnes, as well as on various divisional projects.

Patricia Oldewurtel
Pat works as the Research Program Assistant for Dr. Kathleen C. Barnes. She coordinates, facilitates and implements administrative support services and program activities for the Genetics and Genomics Core.

Nancy Van Keuren
Nancy works primarily as the Research Program Assistant for Dr. Susan MacDonald. She assists several other faculty members in the division with grant-related activities. She also coordinates administrative support for the Clinical Case II Residents who rotate through our Division.

Chenelle E. Johnson 
Chenelle works as the Medical Training Program Administrator for the Allergy and Clinical Immunology Resesarch/Clinical Fellow Training Program under Drs. N. Franklin Adkinson, Bruce Bochner and S. “Romi” Saini. She is responsible for the coordination, credentialing and visa applications for Clinical and Research Fellows, fellows’ conferences and a variety of web-based applications for the training program.

Clinical Core

Rebecca Canino, Practice Manager
Tammy Fallis, Medical Assistant; M.O.C.
Johanna Gorham, Medical Assistant; M.O.C.
Tasha Leak, Patient Service Coordinator; Medical Assistant


Dea Cunningham, R.N.; Clinic Nurse
Holly Stabile, Medical Assistant

Rebecca Canino
Rebecca is the Practice Manager for the Allergy and Clinical Immunology Clinic and oversees all administrative and clinical activities. She supervises the Clinic Staff and ensures that the patients who visit our clinic experience the best patient care. She is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of our clinic.

Tasha Leak & Tammy Fallis
Tammy and Tasha are the Patient Service Coordinators for the clinics. Their major responsibilities include greeting patients, scheduling patient appointments, assisting patients with medical questions and concerns, as well a physician support. She also helps with patient registration/check-out, referrals, prescription requests, and medical forms.

Johanna Gorham
Johanna is the Medical Assistant/Patient Service Coordinator for the clinics. Her major responsibilities include greeting patients, helping patients with medical questions or concerns, triaging patients, and prescription requests. She assists with patient scheduling, answers phones, monitors exam rooms, and performs patient vitals signs and lung function tests. She also provides physician support and maintains medical records.

Dea Cunningham, R.N.
Dea is the Clinic Nurse for the Allergy and Clinical Immunology clinics. She is responsible for prescription refills and sick calls for our patients.

Holly Stabile
Holly is the Medical Assistant for the clinics. She is principally involved with allergen skin testing, immunotherapy administration, and related patient care and physician support activities.

Laboratory and Other Staff
Holly Rohde, Research Technician
Anne Pence, DACI Laboratory Manager

Holly Rohde
Holly is a Research Technician in the laboratory of Dr. Allen C. Myers where she performs physiology and histology experiments associated with his research on airway inflammation.  She also performs and coordinates all activities, including training, associated with the Histology and Human Tissue Bank Cores.

Anne Pence
Anne Pence is the DACI Clinical Laboratory Manager. She is responsible for the coordination for a variety of roles, including; monitoring patient financial accounts and insurance data, DACI accounts, budget proposals, tracking monthly financial income and expenditures. purchasing, processing blood specimens, ordering tests and contacting physicians.

You can also reach us by using the following information below.

The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Division of Allergy & Clinical Immunology
Johns Hopkins Asthma & Allergy Center
5501 Hopkins Bayview Circle
Baltimore, MD 21224-6801

Patient Care Services: 410-550-2300

Academic Information: 410-550-2101

Allergy Clinical Practice Fax: 410-550-3256


We cannot answer specific patient-related questions on this web site. You can call us at 410-550-2300 to make an appointment to see one of our physicians, or you can have your physician call us to recommend possible specialists for you and your physician to consider.


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