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Daniel Smith: Biographies

Mr. Daniel B. Smith

As the head of a service that provides more than 35,000 annual visits by nurses, therapists, home health aides and social workers in Central Maryland, Mr. Smith is responsible for the administration of two home health agencies (adult and pediatric), a home infusion company, a durable medical equipment (DME) company, and the management of six outpatient discharge pharmacies on the campuses of three of the four hospitals within the Johns Hopkins Health System. The Home Care Group also provides home hospice care.

Mr. Smith began his career with Johns Hopkins Medicine in 1983 as director of budget and revenue at what then was Baltimore City Hospitals, a debt-ridden municipal facility that Hopkins had been running for a year on behalf of the city. He became a key member of the finance team that transformed City Hospitals into what now is Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. He helped oversee the fiscal responsibilities of a $100 million physical redevelopment program and turn a $7 million annual loss under city ownership into a positive bottom line performance averaging $5 million a year. He served in various finance positions at Johns Hopkins Bayview, ultimately becoming senior director of finance in 1994.

In 1995, Mr. Smith was named the Johns Hopkins Health System senior director of finance for budget and financial analysis, overseeing the Johns Hopkins Medicine budget process and the preparation of all major business plans. This included the implementation and operation of the cost accounting/decision support system now used for the budget and business planning processes. In 2001, in addition to these duties, Mr. Smith was named chief financial officer for the Home Care Group.  In 2004, he stepped in as its acting president and became president/CEO in 2005.

Mr. Smith received an accounting degree from Loyola College in Maryland in 1978 and joined a regional health care consulting firm in 1979, which began his career in the health care field.