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Johns Hopkins Medicine 2005-2006


William R. Brody, M.D., Ph.D.
President, The Johns Hopkins University

Edward D. Miller, M.D.
The Frances Watt Baker, M.D. and Lenox D. Baker Jr., M.D.
Dean of the Medical Faculty
and Chief Executive Officer, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Ronald R. Peterson
President, Johns Hopkins Health System
 and The Johns Hopkins Hospital
Executive Vice President, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Board Members

C. Michael Armstrong, Chairman
William C. Baker, Vice Chairman
Francis X. Knott, Vice Chairman
Shale D. Stiller, Esq., Vice Chairman

Janie Elizabeth Bailey

Lenox D. Baker Jr., M.D.

Robert C. Baker

H. Furlong Baldwin

Judge Robert M. Bell

Sherry F. Bellamy, Esq.

Richard O. Berndt

David H. Bernstein

Andrew J. Bozzelli

*Andre W. Brewster

William R. Brody, M.D., Ph.D.

George L. Bunting Jr.

Francis B. Burch Jr.

Philip M. Butterfield

Edward L. Cahill

Constance R. Caplan

*A. James Clark

Charles W. Cummings, M.D.

Ronda K. Dean

*Leslie B. Disharoon

James T. Dresher Jr.

Edward K. Dunn Jr.

*Manuel Dupkin II

Pamela P. Flaherty

Richard A. Forsythe

Nicholas J. Fortuin, M.D.

Edward W. Gillespie

Sanford D. Greenberg, Ph.D.

*Robert D.H. Harvey

*Alan P. Hoblitzell

Stuart S. Janney

Edward J. Kelly III

Sidney Kimmel (Honorary Member)

A. B. Krongard, Esq.

Robert D. Kunisch

Jeffrey A. Legum

Traci S. Lerner

Raymond A. Mason

*William J. McCarthy, Esq.

W. Brian McGowan

*Harvey M. Meyerhoff

*Milton H. Miller Sr.

*Frederick O. Mitchell

Arthur B. Modell

Judge Diana Motz

Morris W. Offit

*Anne M. Pinkard

Walter D. Pinkard

Christian H. Poindexter

Alice Reid

Arnold I. Richman

Francis G. Riggs

Theo C. Rodgers

*Henry A. Rosenberg

*Richard S. Ross, M.D.

*B. Francis Saul II

Alton J. Scavo

Mayo A. Shattuck III

Huntingdon Sheldon, M.D.

Donald J. Shepard

*R. Champlin Sheridan

*Wendell A. Smith, Esq.

Thomas G. Snead Jr.

Louis B. Thalheimer

Beverly White-Seals, Esq.

*Calman J. Zamoiski

Emeriti indicated by an asterik *
Ex Officio indicated in bold.

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