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Johns Hopkins Hospital 2005-2006


C. Michael Armstrong, Chairman
ex officio

Francis X. Knott,
Vice Chairman

Lenox D. Baker, M.D., Jr.

Frank A. Bonsal, Jr.

George L. Bunting, Jr.

William R. Brody, M.D., Ph.D.

James T. Dresher, Jr.

Ira T. Fine, M.D.

Gabor D. Kelen, M.D.,
ex officio

Deborah Kurz,
ex officio

Traci S. Lerner

Edward D. Miller, M.D.,
ex officio

Ronald R. Peterson,
ex officio

Francis C. Rienhoff

Charles H. Salisbury, Jr.

H. Furlong Baldwin

Andre W. Brewster

Edward K. Dunn, Jr.

Manuel Dupkin, II

Robert D. H. Harvey

W. Wallace Lanahan

Robert E. Mason, M.D.

William J. McCarthy, Esquire

Harvey M. Meyerhoff

Frederick O. Mitchell

Albert H. Owens, Jr., M.D.

Anne M. Pinkard

Oliver H. Reeder

Richard S. Ross, M.D.

Shale D. Stiller, Esquire

Calman J. Zamoiski, Jr.


Edward D. Miller, M.D.,
Vice Chairman

Ronald R. Peterson,

Joseph R. Coppola,
V.P., Corporate Security

Toby A. Gordon, Sc.D.,
V.P., Strategic Planning & Market Research

Kenneth Grant,
V.P., General Services

Karen B. Haller, Ph.D.,
V.P., Nursing & Patient Care Services

Sally W. MacConnell,
V.P., Facilities

Pamela D. Paulk,
V.P., Human Resources

Joanne E. Pollak,
V.P. & General Counsel & V.P., HIPAA

Stephanie L. Reel,
V.P., Management Systems
& Information Services

Judy A. Reitz, Sc.D.,
Executive V.P. & COO

Beryl J. Rosenstein, M.D.,
V.P., Medical Affairs

G. Daniel Shealer, Jr.,
V.P., Corporate Compliance and Secretary

Ronald J. Werthman,
V.P., Finance & Treasurer

Samuel H. Clark, Jr.,
Assistant Secretary

Stuart Erdman,
Assistant Treasurer

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