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Fund for Medical Discovery

Fund for Medical Discovery (FMD)

The Fund for Medical Discovery (FMD) has been put on hold until further notice.

The Johns Hopkins Fund for Medical Discovery (FMD) was established to provide modest support for proposals typically not funded by extramural agencies or other funding programs of the School of Medicine. An FMD Committee has been established and has determined that the primary goal of the FMD is to enhance interdisciplinary and interdepartmental research at Johns Hopkins. The highest priority will be given to proposals that clearly will lead to new extramural grant applications for core resources, shared instrumentation, program-projects, research centers, etc.

The guidelines for FMD applications, which will be accepted three times per year (January 15, May 15, and September 15), are provided below. Please address all queries and applications to the FMD Committee c/o Karen Falter (2-2132; at 1629 Thames Street, Suite 200.

Landon King, MD
Vice Dean for Research


Scope and Priorities
Awards will be made to support activities that enhance interdisciplinary and interdepartmental research at Johns Hopkins. The highest priority will be given to interdepartmental proposals that clearly will lead to new extramural grant applications supporting this goal. Funding will typically be awarded when there is a need to demonstrate institutional commitment for an outgoing grant application. Therefore, proposals should address one or both of the following:

  1. development of core resources that are shared by multiple investigators;

  2. organizational activities to develop and prepare extramural grant applications for shared instrumentation, program-projects, research centers, etc.

Applicants must be full-time Hopkins faculty sponsored by their department(s). The department(s) must agree to match 25% of the award from the FMD. Only one FMD award may be used to support any given collaborative program.

Budget and Allowable Expenses
It is anticipated that a total of $250,000 will be available for allocation each year. Support may be used for supplies, equipment, and salaries of postdoctoral fellows and technicians. FMD support will not be provided for faculty salaries.

Application Procedure

 Deadlines: January 15, May 15, September 15

  1. Cover Page: Download the brief 5-point questionnaire here. Note: Because FMD funds are internal, an eIS is NOT required. 

  2. Proposal Summary:
    a) specific aims and overall goal;
    b) background, including relevant prior experience and findings by the applicant;
    c) plan of work;
    d) planned submission date and agency for extramural support.

  3. Budget:
    a) estimated expenses by category and justification;
    b) current and pending funding;
    c) reason why other funds are not available for this proposal.

  4. Time course: estimated duration of project

  5. Length: items 2-4 above may not exceed 3 pages with font-size of 10 or greater. NOTE: Any applications in which the 3 page maximum is exceeded will not be reviewed.

  6. Updated biosketch (in NIH format) of the applicant.

  7. Submission: One hard copy original of the application should be sent to FMD Committee c/o Karen Justice-White, ORA 1629 Thames Street, Suite 200. Please also email the entire application to Karen Justice-White  (

Reports, Recognition
A brief (2-3 page) final report will be submitted upon completion of all funded proposals. This should include:

  1. an explicit review of success in reaching each of the specific aims of the original application;

  2. impact regarding preparation, submission, and funding of new extramural grant applications;

  3. identification of all publications submitted or published . Progress reports of 1-2 pages will also be provided at 6 month intervals prior to completion of the proposal. As appropriate, support by the FMD should be acknowledged in publications and other references.

Review Process
Note the three deadlines per year: January 15, May 15, September 15. Applications will be judged by the FMD Committee, based on the scope and potential impact of the proposal. Applicants will be notified within 30 days of each deadline.

FMD Committee 
George J. Dover, MD
Gerald W. Hart, PhD (Chair)
Landon King, MD (ex officio)
Michael B. Amey (ex officio)


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