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JHU ISCRO Approved hESC lines


Name of Line

Provider Code

JHU ISCRO Approval

ES Cell InternationalES01HES-111/10/2008
ES Cell InternationalES02HES-211/10/2008
ES Cell InternationalES03HES-311/10/2008
Harvard UniversityHUES PGD 11HUES PGD 1112/09/2013
Harvard UniversityHUES PGD 12HUES PGD 1212/09/2013
Stemride InternationalSC-233SC-23304/14/2008
Stemride InternationalSC-164SC-16404/14/2008
UK Stem Cell BankSHEF-3SHEF-311/14/2011

University of California,
San Francisco


It is important to note that hESC lines listed on the JHU ISCRO Registry might not be listed on the NIH Registry and eligible for research using federal funds. If you have questions about this, or are considering use of a hESC line not listed on this registry, please contact Suzanne Damaré, JHU ISCRO Administrator (410-955-3008).



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