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High Resolution Field Spectroscopy

SPECTROSCOPY, HIGH FIELD (14.1T, 600 MHz) Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer with Triple Resonance Chili-Probe and z-axis Gradients

Location: Hunterian III SB3C

Hours: Continuous operation

Phone #: 955-1775
Contact Person: Dr. Ananya Majumdar, Facility Manager
Fax #: 955-3023

Facility Director: James T. Stivers, Chairman
User's Committee (502-2758)

Facility Function: High resolution NMR studies of biological macromolecules including proteins and nucleic acids

Access Requirements: User's fees: $8 per hour(facility manager unassisted); $30 per hour (facility manager assisted).

Scheduling process: Priority given to the major users, but time is available to other users.

User qualifications: Demonstrated capability as approved by the Facility Manager.


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