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Johns Hopkins Medicine
Office of Corporate Communications
MEDIA CONTACT: Gary Stephenson 410-955-5384
September 20, 2004


The Johns Hopkins electronic Antibiotic Treatment (ABX) Guide,, currently used on personal digital assistants (PDA) and desktop computers, has been dubbed a “must have” by Pharmacy Practice News.

Writing in the August issue of Pharmacy Practice News, the technology editor noted he placed the ABX Guide “on my personal Top 10 list for pharmacists” and that it was the best overall program in terms of price (free!) and functionality.  He further noted “the application is easily navigated from three major fields…all information is given in a manner that is both thorough and succinct, going beyond the bare-bones overview and dosing information.”

The ABX Guide was developed by Hopkins’ Point of Care Information Technology (POC-IT) Center to capitalize on the growing popularity of PDAs and the need for rapid and accurate medical information for clinicians and other health care workers. Accessed by more than 240,000 registered users, the ABX Guide offers information on more than 150 infectious diseases, 170 drugs and 75 pathogens to specialists and primary care clinicians.

The latest infectious disease information updates, as well as U.S. Food and Drug Administration recalls, now also can be beamed wirelessly to ABX Guide users with BlackBerry devices, eliminating the need to synchronize with a computer, as is currently required for users with conventional PDAs and desktop computers.

“What pleases us most about this recognition is that it will encourage others to use it as a tool for the safer practice of medicine,” said Paul Auwaeter, M.D., chief medical officer for POC-IT and associate professor of medicine at Hopkins. “We are particularly pleased that Pharmacy Practice News found the ABX Guide to be the best overall program in its comparison of six other similar systems.”

The ABX Guide is designed to update practitioners on the management and treatment of infectious diseases and to cope with the estimated 1,500 antibiotic treatment guidelines that government agencies and medical organizations have developed over the years, according to John G. Bartlett, M.D., chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases at Hopkins and editor of the ABX Guide.

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