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Jonathan Zenilman, MD

External Scientific Advisory Board

Jonathan Zenilman, MD is currently the President of the American STD Association and is Professor of Medicine and Chief of the Infectious Diseases Division at the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. Dr. Zenilman has 19 years experience in STD academic research and service delivery.  From 1985-1989 he was employed at the US Center for Disease Control (CDC), first as a NIS officer and then as a medical epidemiologist.  While at the CDC, he conceived, developed, and implemented the National Gonococcal Isolates Surveillance Program, which is still an important component of this surveillance activity.  He also coordinated and wrote the 1989 STD Treatment Guidelines. 

Since 1989, he has been at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and with a joint appointmentwith the School of Public Health, where he has continued to be clinically active, and has developed research programs focusing on STD epidemiology.  Dr. Zenilman is well known for his work ascertaining the validity (or non-validity) of self-reported condom use, for further understanding of the interactions between STDs and HIV infection, and policy work on national and international levels. 

Dr. Zenilman was a member of the IOM Committee on Sexually Transmitted Diseases which published “The hidden epidemic”, he was Chief of Clinical Services at the Baltimore City Health Department between 1992-1995, was a Senior Medical Advisor for the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (DHHS) 1995-1997, and has served on national and international committees.  He also currently teaches a four-credit course at the School of Public Health, which is regarded as a model both in lecture format and on the internet.



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