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ID Faculty




Paul Auwaerter, MD, MBAContactProfile
Robin Kimiko Avery, MDContactProfile
John Bartlett, MDContactProfile
William Bishai, MD, PhDContactProfile
Robert Bollinger, MD,MPHContactProfile
Richard Chaisson, MDContactProfile
Charlotte Gaydos, MD, PhD, MPHContactProfile
Diane Griffin, MD, PhDContactProfile
Jacques Grosset, MDContactProfile
Kieren Marr, MDContactProfile
Richard Moore, MDContactProfile
Trish Perl, MDContactProfile
Thomas Quinn, MDContactProfile
Stuart Ray, MDContactProfile
Anne Rompalo, MDContactProfile
Cynthia Sears, MDContactProfile
Robert Siliciano, MD, PhDContactProfile
Mark Sulkowski, MDContactProfile
David Thomas, MD, MPHContactProfile
Jonathan Zenilman, MDContactProfile



Joel Blankson, MD, PhDContactProfile
Joseph Cofrancesco Jr., MD, MPHContactProfile
Sara Cosgrove, MDContactProfile
Andrea Cox, MD, PhDContactProfile
Susan Dorman, MDContactProfile
Kelly Gebo, MD, MPHContactProfile
Khalil Ghanem, MDContactProfile
Jonathan Golub, PhD, MPHContactProfile
Amita Gupta, MDContactProfile
Noreen Hynes, MD, MPHContactProfile
Petros Karakousis, MDContactProfile
Greg Lucas, MD, PhDContactProfile
Yukari Manabe, MDContactProfile
Robin McKenzie, MDContactProfile
Eric Nuermberger, MDContactProfile
Chloe Thio, MDContactProfile



Adriana Andrade, MD, MPHContactProfile
Justin Bailey, MD, PhDContactN/A
Ashwin Balagopal, MDContactProfile
Stephen Berry, MDContactN/A
Larry Chang, MD, MPHContactProfile
Michael Chattergoon, MD, PhDContactN/A
Christine Durand, MDContactN/A
Meg Doherty, MD, PhD, MPHContactProfile
Chris Hoffmann, MD, MPHContactProfile
Kristine Johnson, MD, MScContactProfile
Jeanne Keruly, MS, CRNPContactProfile
Gyanu Lamichhane, PhDContactProfile
Lisa Maragakis, MDContactProfile
Neil Martinson, MPHContactProfile
Michael Melia, MDContactProfile
Kathleen Page, MDContactProfile
Damani Piggott, MD, PhDContactN/A
Maunank Shah, MDContactN/A
Shmuel Shoham, MDContactN/A
Janet Siliciano, PhDContactProfile
Gita Sinha, MD, MPHContactProfile
Sunil Solomon, MBBS, PhD, MPHContactN/A



William Osburn, PhDContactN/A
Seema Nayak, MDContactN/A
Geetika Sood, MDContactN/A
Shaoguang Wu, MDContactProfile



Pat Barditch-Crovo, MDContactProfile
Christie Basseth, MDContactN/A
Seun Falade-Nwulia, M.B.B.S., M.P.H.Contactn/a
Luke Johnsen, DOContactn/a
Sara Keller, MD, MPH, MSHPContactn/a
Veronique Nussenblatt, MD, MHSContactn/a
Susan Rhee, MDContactn/a
Gang Shi,Contactn/a
Julie Trivedi, MDContactn/a



Grace Link Barnes, MPHContactProfile
Shivaun Celano, PharmDContactProfile
Lois Eldred, PA-C, MPH, DrPHContactProfile
Andrew Goodwin, MDContactn/a
Nikhil Gupte, PhDContactn/a
Mollie Jenckes, MHScContactProfile
Lee Klinkenberg, MDContactn/a
Shichun Lun, MDContactn/a
Vidya Mave, MDContactn/a
Darin Ostrander, PhDContactProfile
Paul Pham, PharmDContactProfile



Alpaslan Alp, MDContactn/a
Sehnaz Ozyavuz-Alp, MDContactn/a


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