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Visiting Professorship

February 10-11, 2005 - Talmadge King., Jr, MD

Talmadge King

Talmadge E. King, Jr., MD is the Constance B. Wofsy Distinguished Professor and Vice Chairman of the Department of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), and chief of medical services at San Francisco General Hospital (SFGH).

Dr. King’s research has helped illuminated the pathogenesis, diagnosis, and management of inflammatory and immunologic lung injury. His bibliography comprises >200 publications. He has also co-authored 8 books including the acclaimed reference book “Interstitial Lung Disease”, now in its 4th edition.

Quotable Quotes:

Residents / Fellows:
"Outstanding, we need more and more of this and exactly this type of mentor - Dr. King, who does not pull punches; he tells it the way it is."
"Excellent presenter - funny, engaging, simple explanations which everybody could understand."
"Excellent content and presentation. Very interactive and thought provoking."

"A great lecture and lecturer."

"Excellent speaker / Dr. King's lecture was informative and very relevant to the mission of the Diversity Council."
"Needed more often than just once a year. If even on a smaller scale, but more events would keep the issues in the forefront and not forgotten about."
"Very nice program - thought provoking and inspiring."
"Dr. King was the most candid and authentic VP we've had in his presentation and in the Q&A. I hope this had a positive, thought-provoking experience for most of the people in the room. Unique and great to have Del. Nathan-Pulliam and show collaboration across different world."

Grand Rounds:
"It was great to see such a thoughtful, inspiring and obviously smart academic leader in medicine who is also a person of color."
"Great lecture on an interesting topic."
"It's great having national experts speak at GR."
"Great Speaker"