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The educational curriculum of Osler Medical Training Program has many conferences, including:

Noon Conference includes a curriculum for housestaff of main topics within medicine, M&M, autopsy conference, and Classics. Each resident gives a 25 minute lecture on a historical part of medicine that interests them as part of the Classics series. Noon conference occurs Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Lunch is served at conference.

Firm Faculty teaching rounds occur every Tuesday and include a small group teaching session for each firm by a faculty member. Lunch is served.

Resident and Intern report occur one afternoon a week in which a resident or intern presents a case for the group to evaluate and discuss. Coffee and snacks are served.

Journal club occurs monthly and includes clinical and basic science topics. Residents pair with faculty members to review an article. The residents then lead a discussion of the article with the housestaff. Coffee and snacks are served.

Master Clinician is a monthly conference in which one of the master clinicians from the medical faculty examine a patient with the residents. Coffee and snacks are served.

Tumulty Rounds are a case presentation with a patient present and occur monthly with the housestaff and faculty.

Medical Grand Rounds are conducted Friday mornings by the faculty.