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The Advanced Clerkship in Medicine

The Advanced Clerkship in Medicine at The Johns Hopkins Hospital is a one month rotation that provides medical students additional training and experience in management of the hospitalized patient on an internal medicine inpatient ward. Students often enroll in the Advanced Clerkship in Medicine to better prepare for an internship year in internal medicine, to make a decision about internal medicine residency or as a last opportunity to study internal medicine prior to residency training in another field. In fact, the Department of Medicine encourages all students to take the Advanced Clerkship in Medicine (sub-internship) prior to graduation, as it is an outstanding preparation for post-graduate training in any field.

The Department of Medicine is committed to providing students with opportunities beyond the Medicine Core Clerkship experience, and has structured the Advanced Clerkship in Medicine to approximate the role of the intern such as taking overnight call, admitting patients and entering orders.

Students will be assigned to the Osler Firms, Polk (Infectious Diseases) Service or General Medical Service.


Successful completion of the Medicine Core Clerkship.

Rotation Dates

The Advanced Clerkship in Internal Medicine Elective follows the academic/quarterly calendar dates. Dates are available at

Scheduling Recommendations

If you have decided that you will be applying for a residency in Internal Medicine, try to take the Advanced Clerkship in Internal Medicine before October of the academic year that you are applying.

Drop Policy

You are required to contact the course director, curse coordinator, and registrar to obtain permission for any drops. You will be required to submit a "Drop Elective Form" signed by the course coordinator (on behalf of the course director).

Drop forms are available at the Registrar's Office.

If you drop the course with less than one month prior to the start date, you will need to find someone to replace you. If you cannot you will be required to complete the rotation.


Prior to the start of your elective, you will be required to complete credentialing paperwork.

Required Training, Prior To Start Of Rotation

Students are required to complete training for EPIC before the start of the elective.

E*Value - Evaluation Process

E*Value is the online evaluation system for all clerkship students. This is a software program with multiple levels of security that uses encryption technology and multiple levels of security to coordinate the evaluation system. E*Value is located at Your Attending, ACS, Residents, and Interns will complete their evaluation of you utilizing E*Value.

Grading Process

  1. The Department of Medicine will use the following system for assigning final grades for the Advanced Clerkship in Medicine Elective: Fail, Pass, High Pass, and Honors.
  2. Grades will be assigned based on feedback from E*Value.

Orientation and Educational Sessions

Orientation will be on the first day of the rotation. Educational sessions for subinterns are usually Wednesday at noon, but may vary based on call schedules and faculty availability. Otherwise you should attend housestaff conference on the days you are not on call or post call.

Work Hours

It is the policy of the School of Medicine that students not exceed more than 16 hours continuously at a time and no more than 80 hours per week. Also, students should have 10 hours between shifts. Students who feel they are being asked to exceed these hours by their supervisors should contact the course director immediately.

Visiting Students

Due to the complexity of hospital information systems and the credentialing process, visiting students will not be accepted into this elective. Visiting students should contact the visiting student coordinator at, regarding other offerings for sub-internships. Visiting students are eligible for the Hospitalist Sub-internship. For more information contact Dr. Padmini Ranasinghe at


If you have any questions that are not answered on this website, please contact:

Course Director: Amit Pahwa, MD (

Medical Training Program Administrator: Kara Raleigh (