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Department of Medicine Leadership & Administration
The Department's leadership and administration facilitate the mission and day-to-day operations of the Department and its Divisions.

Department of Medicine Divisions

2013-2014 Medical Grand Rounds and Grand Round Archive
Medical Grand Rounds are held at 8 a.m. every Friday, during the academic year, in Hurd Hall (Halsted Building of the Johns Hopkins Hospital).

Chair's Annual State of the Department
The State of the Department is delivered at the first DOM Medical Ground Rounds of the academic year. It is an overview of the Department's current research, clinical and educational programs, faculty development, and finances. The annual reports from 2003-2013 are archived here.

Awards, Honors, Appointments & Promotions
The Department recognizes Faculty achievements in its newsletter.

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Department of Medicine Divisions

The Johns Hopkins Department of Medicine encompasses over 20 Divisions with 550 full-time faculty members. Divisions are located in two main locations, East Baltimore (Broadway) and Bayview.

Allergy and Clinical Immunology (Bayview)
Interim Division Director: Susan MacDonald, M.D.
Administrator: Kate Walls

Cardiology (Broadway)
Division Director: Gordon Tomaselli, M.D.
Administrator: Anne Evual

Cardiology (Bayview)
Division Director: Nisha Chandra-Strobos, M.D.
Administrator: Mark Miley

Chemical Dependence (Bayview)
Division Director: Michael Fingerhood, M.D.
Administrator: Debbie Blunt

Division Director: Eric Howell, M.D.
Administrator: Tiffani Panek

Clinical Pharmacology (Broadway)
Division Director: Theresa Shapiro, M.D.
Administrator: Jeannette Fanning

Endocrinology (Broadway)
Division Director: Paul Ladenson, M.D.
Administrator: Daniel Hager

Endocrinology (Bayview)
Division Director: Suzanne Jan de Beur, M.D.
Administrator: Clint Shifflett

Gastroenterology (Broadway)
Division Director: Anthony Kalloo, M.D.
Administrator: Tiffany Boldin

General Internal Medicine (Broadway)
Division Director: Jeanne Clark, M.D.
Administrator: Becky Hanst

General Internal Medicine (Bayview)
Division Director: Scott Wright, M.D.
Administrator: Clint Shifflett

Geriatrics (Bayview)
Division Director: Samuel C. Durso, M.D.
Administrator: Tom Berlin

Hematology (Broadway and Bayview)
Division Director: Robert Brodsky, M.D.
Administrator: April Lawner

Immunogenetics (Broadway)
Division Directors: Mary Sue Leffell, Ph.D., and Andrea Zachary, Ph.D.
Administrator: John Hart

Infectious Disease (Broadway)
Division Director: David Thomas, M.D.
Administrator: Jill Kearney

Infectious Disease (Bayview)
Division Director:Jonathan Zenilman, M.D.
Administrator: Jill Kearney

Molecular Medicine (Broadway)
Division Director: Andy Feinberg, M.D.
Administrator: Megan Martin

Nephrology (Broadway and Bayview)
Division Director: Paul Scheel, M.D.
Administrator: Ashlea Barrett

Occupational and Environmental Medicine (Broadway)
Division Director: Edward Bernacki, M.D.
Administrator: Amy Alfriend

Pulmonary and Critical Care (Broadway and Bayview)
Interim Division Director: Jonathan Orens, M.D.
Administrator: Jennifer Nickoles

Rheumatology (Bayview and Broadway)
Division Director: Antony Rosen, M.D.
Administrator: Deann Gavney

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