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130.601 Human Anatomy

Drs. DeLeon, Rose, Ruff, Perry, Weishampel & staff. Offered each year (core curriculum for medical students). (Next offered Fall 2011)

An integrated coverage of functional anatomy including cadaveric dissection, clinical and basic science lectures, discussion groups and clinical correlation sessions.

130.707 Mammals: Diversity, Structure, and Evolution

Dr. Rose. All year. Two hours per week. Offered alternate years (Current).

Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

A survey of the recent and fossil orders of mammals, focusing on comparative skeletal and dental anatomy. Readings will be supplemented by regular examination of recent and fossil specimens and weekly discussions. Research paper required. Offered in alternate years.

130.708 Biomechanics of the Skeleton

Dr. Ruff. First quarter. Offered alternate years (Next offered Fall 2011).

Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

Basic mechanical principles and their application to analysis of skeletal form. Bone material and geometric properties, structural remodeling and adaptation to the mechanical environment.

130.710 Evolutionary Biology

Dr. Weishampel and associates. First quarter. Offered in alternate years (next offered Fall 2011).

Prerequisite: By arrangement with instructor.

This course covers a variety of topics in evolutionary biology: biotic variation and diversity, genomic processes and products, development, natural selection, speciation theory, systematics, and macroevolution, among other subjects.

130.716 Primate Evolution

Drs. Perry and associates. Third and fourth quarters. Offered alternate years (next offered Spring 2012).

Prerequisite: By arrangement with instructor.

This course surveys the mammalian order primates beginning with the origin of the group and ending with a brief survey of modern primates. Topics include the definition of primates, archaic primates, the first modern primates, oligocene primates and the origin of monkey and apes, the Miocene hominoid radiation, the Plio-pleistocene radiation of old world monkeys, and human ancestors.

130.724 Cladistics

Dr. Weishampel. First quarter. Offered in alternative years (next offered Fall 2011).

Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

This course covers the practical and theoretical basis for cladistics. This approach, otherwise known as the phylogenetic systematics, includes discussions of homology, the hierachy of evolutionary common descent, parsimony, and computer algorithms that facilitate modern cladistic studies.

130.725 Applied Statistics for the Natural Sciences

Dr. Valerie DeLeon. First quarter. Offered in alternative years (next offered Fall 2011).
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

This course provides a survey of statistical methods commonly used in the natural sciences, with application to anthropological and paleontological data. Periodic assignment of problem sets gives students experience with formatting data for software input, addressing underlying assumptions of statistical methods, and interpreting software output.

130.809 Research Rotation in Functional Anatomy and Evolution

All F.A.E. faculty. Currently required of all first year students.

This course is designed to provide the student with research experience. The project is planned between one or more faculty members and a student. A research question or topic is chosen, appropriate data are collected, analysis is done and a report is written. Results of the study are presented as a seminar to the FAE faculty and students.

130.810 Dinosaurs

Dr. Weishampel. Offered alternate years (next offered Spring 2010).

This course surveys the Dinosauria, from origins to extinctions to the emergence of Aves. The class sessions are conducted as seminars.

130.811 Topics in Allometry

Dr. Ruff. Offered by decision of instructor.

This course will consist of discussions of readings in both the theory and application of allometry to various zoological issues. Readings will include both “classical” sources as well as more recent articles dealing with this general topic.

130.812 Predissertation Research

Chosen F.A.E. advisor.


Other courses are offered by departments on the Medical & Homewood campuses

Students in previous years have taken:

Macroevolution, Sedimentology, Ecology, & Darwin and the Origin of Species from the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Histology (component of Organ Systems) & Developmental Biology from the School of Medicine
Population and Quantitative Genetics from the Human Genetics Program at the School of Medicine
Basic and advanced statistics courses from various departments


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