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April 2012


November 2011

  • Congratulations to Dr. Frank Varriale!
  • FAE graduate, Dr. Frank Varriale, has received the Romer Prize at this year's Society of Vertebrate Paleontology meeting in Las Vegas for his stellar presentation on ceratopsian dental microwear and jaw mechanisms! The Romer Prize is the highest honor given for a student presentation at the meeting each year. We are all very proud to call Frank one of our own and we know that he will do wonderful things in his future career. Outstanding work, Frank! (See link: SVP Website)
    Posted: November 2011

  • FAE welcomes new faculty member, Dr. Jonathan Perry!
  • The FAE welcomes its new faculty member, Dr. Jonathan Perry! We are very excited to have him with us to share his knowledge of paleoanthropology and dietary adaptations.
    Posted: November 2011

  • FAE welcomes Dr. Vladimir Sladek!
  • Dr. Vladimir Sladek, from Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, joins FAE as a visiting Fulbright Fellow, Nov, 2001-May, 2012. He will be working on appendicular skeletal biomechanics with Dr. Chris Ruff. Glad to have you with us!
    Posted: November 2011

  • FAE welcomes new first year students!
  • Loring Burgess and Nicky Squyres have begun their tenure in FAE by clearing the first hurdle of Anatomy! Both Loring and Nicky join us from New York University. Glad to have you both with us!
    Posted: November 2011

  • Congratulations to Dr. David B. Weishampel for two outstanding accomplishments!
  • Dr. David B. Weishampel has had quite a year! His new book, Transylvanian Dinosaurs, was recently published by the Johns Hopkins University Press and has gotten much praise. Also, at this year's Hadrosaur Symposium in the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta, Dave was the guest of honor because of all of his contributions in hadrosaur research. He was awarded a beautiful, original bronze statue of a Corythosaurus skull. Way to go, Dave!

    Posted: November 2011

  • Congratulations to François!
  • François Gould has received multiple grants in 2011!

    The American Society of Mammalogists Grant-in-Aid of Research awarded him $1,098.00 for travel to museums for data collection related to dissertation research.

    The Dorris O. and Samuel P. Welles Research Fund awarded him $1,000.00 for travel to the University of California Museum of Paleontology for data collection related to dissertation research.

    The Sigma Xi Grant in Aid of Research awarded him $996.00 for travel to museums for data collection related to dissertation research. (Only 20% of applicants were successful!)

    Way to go, François!
    Posted: November 2011

  • Farewell to Dr. Mark Teaford
  • Long time faculty member, Dr. Mark Teaford, has left the FAE to establish a new anatomy program at High Point University in North Carolina. We are very sad to see him leave, but we know that he will continue to do great things at his new home. We'll miss you, Mark!
    Posted: November 2011


    May 2011

  • Congratulations to Katrina and Ali!
  • Second year students Katrina Jones and Ali Nabavizadeh have successfully passed their oral exams and are now officially PhD candidates! They are looking forward to entering the realm of dissertation research!

    Posted: May 2011


    February 2011

  • Congratulations to Heather and Megan!
  • Heather Garvin has been awarded both the NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant and Sigma Xi Research Grant to aid in data collection for her dissertation entitled "Environmental Effects on Human Cranial and Post-cranial Sexual Dimorphism". She also received a 2011 Forensic Sciences Foundation Student Scholarship Award for an abstract submitted to the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. Congratulations Heather!

    Megan Holmes is a finalist in the Graduate Student Competitive Poster Presentation Award at the American Association of Anatomists 2011 Annual Meetings. She will be presenting her poster entitled "Dysmorphology in the mandible of a Crouzon mouse model" with co-authors Valerie DeLeon and Chad Perlyn. She will have to give a presentation on her poster to win. Good luck Megan!
    Posted: 4 February 2011


    December 2010

  • Congratulations to Heather and François!
  • Fourth year students Heather Garvin and François Gould have successfully defended their dissertation proposals and are now ABD! Heather's dissertation is entitled "Environmental Effects on Human Cranial and Post-cranial Sexual Dimorphism" and François's dissertation is entitled "Morphological Indicators of Locomotor Specialization in Distal Femoral Articular Surfaces and the Evolution of Cursoriality in Ungulates". Congratulations guys!

    Posted: December 2010


    November 2010

  • FAE welcomes new first years!
  • Heather E. Ahrens and Catherine E. Sartin have begun their tenure in FAE by jumping feet and head-first into the Bighorn Basin with Ken Rose and then clearing the first hurdle of Anatomy! Heather joins us from University of Texas in Austin and Catherine joins us from University of Florida.

    Posted: 1 November 2010

  • Evan finally returns to Baltimore!
  • Fifth year student, Evan Garofalo, spent a total of four months overseas. She returned to Çatalhöyük for a second season of data collection for her dissertation as well as for larger collaborative projects lead by Chris Ruff, Clark Larsen and the Çatalhöyük Research Project. After Turkey, she headed to York in the UK, with support from Wenner-Gren Dissertation Fieldwork grant, to spend three months collecting data for her dissertation. Now, on to the analysis and writing up!

    Posted: 1 November 2010

  • FAE members past and present continue Wyoming fossil fieldwork
  • FAE faculty member Dr. Ken Rose graduate Dr. Amy Chew once more led a crew of enthusiastic fossil collectors to the Bighorn Basin in Wyoming, adding to one of the largest Eocene vertebrate collections in North America. Current FAE student François Gould and postdoc Dr. Rachel Dunn helped introduce incoming students Heather Ahrens and Cathy Sartin to the rugged beauty and scientific importance of the Southern Bighorn Basin. The FAE crew also welcomed fellow Hopkins faculty from the Department of Earth and Planetary Science to our camp and field areas. Drs. Naomi Levin, Benjamin Passey and postdoc Marina Suarez joined us round the campfire and in the field to examine potential new sources of isotopic data for paleoclimate and paleoecology.

    Posted: 1 November 2010


    August 2010

  • Megan and Ryan cleared the hurdle of Orals!
  • Megan Holmes and Ryan Higgins began their summer in celebration of passing their comprehensive exams (and Summer Anatomy Institute). We are excited for them to move on to their dissertation work!
    Posted: 10 August 2010


    June 2010

  • The hard work and training pay off!
  • FAE has many reason to celebrate Kirsten Brown. In addition to the NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant, she is the recipient of one of the prestigious American Association of University Women Dissertation Fellowships in support of the writing up process for her dissertation "Obstetrical Adaptation in the Human Bony Pelvis: A Morphometric Approach". She has also been doing some extracurricular training. Yes, our Kirty crossed the finish line in the Ochsner 70.3 Ironman and the Columbia Triathlon this spring. We are very proud of her accomplishments! Where does she find the energy?

    Posted: 1 June 2010


    May 2010

  • The spring brings award congratulations for FAE students!
  • Madeleine Chollet, received the American Association of Anatomists Langman Award the presentation of her research: "Brain morphology of children with cleft lip and/or palate".

    Additionally, Evan Garofalo, received a Wenner-Gren Dissertation Fieldwork Grant in support of the lengthy data collection process for her dissertation in the UK.

    Posted: 30 May 2010


    September 2009

  • Congratulations to Heather and Francois!
  • Francois Gould and Heather Garvin recently passed their comprehensive exams and are now in the full swing of anatomy instruction and developing dissertation proposals.
    Posted: 10 September 2009


    August 2009

  • New arrivals and departures at FAE
  • Welcome to Katrina Jones and Ali Nabavizadeh, our new first-year students who have now officially joined the program and are deeply entrenched in the new anatomy course. Welcome to Rachel Dunn, recent Washington University PhD recipient, who has joined us as a postdoctoral fellow.

    Adam Sylvester, FAE Postdoctoral Fellow for the past two years, has accepted a position as a Junior Researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany. We thank Adam for his great contributions to FAE and wish him well in his new position.

    Posted: 30 August 2009


    August 2009

  • FAE anticipates the arrival of our new students
  • Katrina Jones from Cambridge University and Ali Nabavizadeh from University of Kansas have accepted our offer to join FAE in August 2009. Congratulations to Ali on his NSF award!

    Posted: 15 August 2009


    May 2009

  • The spring brings award congratulations for FAE students!
  • Congratulations to Gina McKusick, who was awarded an American Society of Mammalogists Grant-in-Aid of Research!

    Madeleine Chollet was awarded a Student Educational Research Award from American Association of Anatomists for excellence in education research at this year's Experimental Biology meetings.
    Posted: 15 May 2009


    April 2009

  • Mike Habib has much news to share
  • In March 2009, Mike Habib was awarded $4,000 from the Jurassic Foundation to perform research on biomechanical contrasts of Cretaceous birds and pterosaurs. The majority of this grant will fund travel to the IVPP in Beijing, which houses one of the world's foremost collections of Early Cretaceous birds and pterosaurs.

    A wide range of media outlets have picked up the press release of Mike Habib's recent paper on quadrupedal launch in pterosaurs. His work has been recently featured in the online news outlets of National Geographic, Science, and MSNBC, and has hit print in Hopkins Magazine and Popular Science. Over one hundred online and print media sources have carried mention of this research since January.

    Mike Habib will be featured in an upcoming Discovery Channel release named "Dino Body". Mike recently traveled to the Black Hills Institute of South Dakota for filming and consultation on this production. The series is being developed by Dangerous Productions, known for prior work on several science documentaries.
    Posted: 15 April 2009


    March 2009

  • Congratulations Shawn!
  • Shawn Zack successfully defended his dissertation "The phylogeny of eutherian mammals: a new analysis emphasizing dental and postcranial morphology of Paleogene taxa" on March 20. We were pleased to have external committee members David Archibald (San Diego State) and Bob Emry (Smithsonian) in attendance. Congratulations Shawn!

    Posted: 20 March 2009

  • Mark Teaford writes for The Wall Street Journal!
  • Check out Prof. Mark Teaford's review of The Making of Mr. Gray's Anatomy in the March 27 edition of The Wall Street Journal

    Posted: 27 March 2009

    November 2008

  • Congratulations Dr. Matt O'Neill
  • Matt O'Neill's successful dissertation defense was on Nov. 24th. 2008. The title of his dissertation is: The Structural Basis of Locomotor Cost: Gait, Mechanics and Limb Design in Ringtailed Lemurs (Lemur catta). He will walk in the commencement ceremony on May 22, 2009. Congratulations!

    Posted: 30 November 2008


    September 2008

  • Heather Garvin wins the 2008 J. Lawrence Angel Award
  • Belated congratulations to Heather for winning the J. Lawrence Angel Award from the Physical Anthropology section of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences for a manuscript and poster presented at the 2007 meetings on the ossification of laryngeal structures as indicators of age.

    Posted: 1 September 2008


    July 2008

  • The Teaford nutcracker and Sylvester shuffle in the media
  • Dr. Mark Teaford and colleagues received attention from the media in response to recent work on the dental microwear and dietary preferences of Paranthropus boisei.

    Several online news agencies including Science Daily reported on Dr. Adam Sylvester's recent publication in American Journal of Physical Anthropology, which examines the energetic costs related to the emergence of hominid bipedality.

    Mike Habib was interviewed for a new series "Evolve" on The History Channel. He was encouraged to speak at length about flight mechanics. Keep an eye out for the episode about the evolution of wings and flight!
    Posted: 30 July 2008


    May 2008

  • Congratulations Maddy and Evan!
  • Evan Garofalo and Madeleine Chollet have passed their oral qualifying exams. After a number of months of furious studying, they can now focus on on their disseration research... and anatomy.
    Posted: 30 May 2008


    September 2007

  • Kudos in Germany!
  • Dr. Ken Rose was named a Corresponding Member of the Paläontologische Gesellschaft at its annual meeting in Freiberg, Germany, in September. Congratulations!

    Mike Habib just returned from Munich, Germany where he gave a platform presentation entitled "Structural characteristics of the humerus of Bennettazhia oregonensis and their implications for specimen diagnosis and azhdarchoid biomechanics" at the 2007 Flugsaurier Meeting, a pterosaur meeting held in honor of Peter Wellnhofer. Unfortunately, Mike also had an unlucky encounter with a Diatryma and lost his head.
    Posted: 30 September 2007

  • Congratulations to Benjamin Auerbach and Jason Organ on their doctorates!
  • Belated congratulations to Drs. Benjamin Auerbach and Jason Organ for successfully defending their dissertations!
    Dr. Auerbach defended a record three volume dissertation entitled "Skeletal variation in the New World during the Holocene: effects of climate and subsistence across geography and time". He has taken up the position of Visiting Scholar at the Center for Archaeological Investigations at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL.

    Dr. Organ defended his dissertation "The functional anatomy of prehensile and nonprehensile tails of the Platyrrhini (Primates) and Procyonidae (Carnivora)" and traveled very far to join the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine as the Postdoctoral Research Fellow working with Dr. Rebecca German .
    Posted: 15 September 2007


    August 2007

  • Welcome new folks to FAE!
  • We would like to welcome our new Postdoctoral Fellow, Adam Sylvester. Adam received his Ph.D from University of Tennessee, Knoxville where he studied the origins of bipedalism.
    FAE welcomes our new students Heather Garvin and François Gould. Heather comes to us from Mercyhurst College where she earned her M.S. in Biological and Forensic Anthropology. François joins us from the UK where he earned his MSc. in Advanced Methods in Taxonomy and Biodiversity from Imperial College, London,
    Posted: 30 August 2007


    June 2007

  • Dr. Ruff takes over the editorship of AJPA
  • We at FAE are pleased to announce that Dr. Christopher Ruff is now the editor of the American Journal of Physical Anthropology. He is the successor of Dr. Clark Larsen of The Ohio State University and will hold the position for six years. Please see his recent announcement in the journal.

    Along with Dr. Ruff's new position, we would like to welcome Kandace Knapp, the new Assistant Editor of AJPA. We wish both of them luck and success with their new jobs!
    Posted: 30 June 2007

  • Congratulations to Mike
  • Mike Habib has been awarded money from the Jurassic Foundation for travel and data collection. This will help fund his dissertation research on the structural mechanics and evolution of vertebrate flight.
    Posted: 15 June 2007

  • Congratulations to Kirsten and Michael!
  • This May, Kirsten Brown and Michael Yashinski successfully passed their qualifying oral examinations. We look forward to seeing their future work as we are sure their advisors will as well.
    Posted: 1 June 2007


    October 2006

  • The Beginning of the Age of Mammals
  • After 10 years in preparation, Dr. Ken Rose's book, The Beginning of the Age of Mammals, has been published this fall by Johns Hopkins University Press. The book is a graduate/upper level undergraduate text focusing on the Paleocene-Eocene radiations of mammals that followed the extinction of non-avian dinosaurs. See this link to the publisher's page for the volume. Readers of this book may also be interested in Dr. Rose's The Rise of Placental Mammals, co-edited with Dr. David Archibald and also published by Johns Hopkins University Press in 2005.

    UPDATE: Johns Hopkins University Press has provided a 20% discount for the book. Click on the link to download the coupon.
    Posted: 15 October 2006

  • Awards continue for FAE students
  • Madeleine recently received the William and Mary Drescher Award for Graduate Medical Research. This prize is given to promising incoming graduate students with an outstanding academic record and achievements in biomedical research.

    Frank has been awarded a Stephen J. Gould Grant from the Paleontological Society. This will fund his continuing dissertation research on the dental microwear and jaw mechanics of ceratopsians and pachycephalosaurs. Congratulations to both of you!
    Posted: 18 October 2006


    September 2006

  • New people join FAE
  • We welcome our two new graduate students, Madeleine Chollet and Evan Garofalo. Madeleine recently completed her studies at Rice University, where she obtained a B.A. in Anthropology. Evan joins us from the Department of Anthropology at the National Museum of Natural History (Smithsonian) in Washington, D.C., after completing a B.A. in Anthropology at Tulane and a M.S. in Human Osteology and Palaeopathology at the University of Bradford.

    We also extend a welcome to Donna Jones, a researcher working with Dr. Rebecca German. She will be joining FAE faculty and graduate students in the anatomy lab this fall as an instructor.
    Posted: 10 September 2006


    July 2006

  • Frank goes to China
  • Good luck to Frank Varriale as he departs this August for the Wucaiwan area of the Junggar Basin in Xinjiang Province, China. There he will spend a month in the field with Dr. Xu Xing of the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, and Dr. James Clark of George Washington University. They will be digging in the Late Jurassic, Shishugou Formation which has recently produced the most basal ceratopsian, Yinlong downsi, and an early tyrannosauroid, Guanlong wucaii. Frank will proceed to research in museums in China, Mongolia and Poland after completing field work in China.

    Update: Frank has sent us a photo from the field, showing Frank and the femur of a new stegosaurus in the Shishugou Formation.
    Posted: 31 July 2006
    Updated: 10 September 2006


    May 2006

  • Congratulations to Frank
  • Congratulations to Frank Varriale who has received a Grant-in-Aid of Research from Sigma Xi, as well as a graduate student research grant from the Geological Society of America. Both grants will support his work on the dental microwear and jaw mechanics of ceratopsians and pachycephalosaurs.

    Frank was recently an invited speaker at the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology. His talk, entitled "Testing for Dinosaur-Angiosperm Coevolutionary Relationships with an Analysis of Marginocephalian Dental Microwear and Jaw Morphology," was an evaluation of the current literature and a description of his ongoing work.
    Posted: 5 May 2006


    March 2006

  • New version of Moment Macro available for ImageJ
  • A new version of the Moment Macro for calculating cross-sectional moments is now available. (Click here to visit macro page.) This version is designed to operate with ImageJ on both PC and Macintosh platforms. Please note that we are still testing and resolving minor bugs in the macro. The macro page will be updated accordingly as we solve these minor problems.
    Posted: 16 March 2006

  • Mark Teaford awarded Professor's Teaching Award
  • Mark Teaford has received the Professor's Award for Excellence in Teaching in the Preclinical Sciences for 2005-2006. This is the highest accolade granted by the School of Medicine to basic science professors. Dr. Teaford teaches human gross anatomy with the other members of FAE's faculty. Congratulations!
    Posted: 28 March 2006

  • Jason Organ wins the AAPA Mildred Trotter Award
  • Congratulations to Jason Organ (pictured at right with advisor Mark Teaford), who was awarded the Mildred Trotter Student Prize at this month's American Association of Physical Anthropologists Annual Meeting in Anchorage, Alaska. His paper was entitled "To grasp or not to grasp? Structure and function of platyrrhine caudal vertebrae," in which Jason examined differences in biomechanical properties of prehensile, semiprehensile and non-prehensile New World monkey tails. He will continue the study of tail mechanics in his dissertation research.
    Posted: 16 March 2006


    February 2006

  • Congratulations to Frank Varialle
  • Congratulations to Frank Varriale, who has received funding from the Jurassic Foundation to support his dissertation research, entitled "Testing for Dinosaur-Angiosperm Coevolutionary Relationships with an Analysis of Marginocephalian Dental Microwear and Jaw Morphology." Frank's funding will support travel to museums in China and Poland where he will be conducting data collection.
    Posted: 2 February 2006


    January 2006

  • Alessandra DeLeon
  • FAE sends a very belated congratulations to Valerie and Iser DeLeon on the birth of their second daughter, Alessandra, in November. Send congratulatory messages either to Valerie via our deprtmental address or directly via e-mail.
    Posted: 2 January 2006


    December 2005

  • Congratulations to Jason and Benjamin
  • Hats off to FAE's Jason Organ and Benjamin Auerbach, who both have received doctoral dissertation improvement grants from the National Science Foundation to support their dissertation research. Jason will be employing his grant in research to examine the functional anatomy and biomechanics of prehensile tails in comparison with non-prehensile tails. Benjamin's funding will support research into the morphological variation of prehistoric New World humans in relation to environmental factors.
    Posted: 19 December 2005

  • Dr. Rose to Continue Indian Research
  • Congratulations to Dr. Kenneth Rose, who has received funding from the National Geographic Society to continue fieldwork in India. This research grant will support further work to locate and describe early Eocene mammals from western India.

    Dr. Rose also recently participated as a speaker at a conference held in honor of the 75th birthday of Elwyn Simons (Duke University). FAE's Dr. Mark Teaford was also in attendance.
    Posted: 12 December 2005

  • Compliments to Matthew O'Neill
  • A belated congratulations is given to Matthew O'Neill, who has received a doctoral dissertation improvement grant from the National Science Foundation and a dissertation fieldwork grant from the Wenner- Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research. These are currently funding his dissertation research, entitled "Energetics of primate quadrupedalism: Limb design, mechanics and the metabolic cost of force production." Matthew will be conducting his data collection at Duke University and their Primate Center.
    Posted: 6 December 2005


    September 2005

  • FAE faculty in the science press news
  • Using a confocal microscope and new computer software, a team of scientists including Mark Teaford have developed a faster and more objective way to examine the surfaces of fossilized teeth, thus gaining new insights into the evolution of diet and tooth use. In a study published in Nature, early human ancestors were shown to have variable diets, but with significant overlap between species. The main differences probably related back to so-called fallback foods available during periods of resource scarcity.

    In September, 2005, Dave Weishampel was honored to have a dinosaur named after him. Penelopognathus weishampeli is a new hadrosauroid ornithopod from the Bayan Gobi Formation (Lower Cretaceous) of Nei Mongol Zizhiqu, People's Republic of China. Named by Pascal Godefroit, Hong Li, and Chang-Yong Shang (see "Articles in Press"), this dinosaur provides important information on the origin of hadrosaurids (duck-billed dinosaurs).
    Posted: 5 September 2005


    August 2005

  • New faces at FAE
  • We at the Center welcome our two new first year Ph.D. graduate students, Michael Yashinski and Kirsten Brown. Michael recently completed his studies at Franklin and Marshall College, where he completed a B.A. in Geosciences and a B.A. in Biology. Kirsten joins the department from Louisiana State University, where she finished a B.A. in Anthropology. Welcome to Anatomy at Hopkins!
    Posted: 25 August 2005

  • Valerie DeLeon joins faculty at FAE
  • The Center has added a fifth full-time faculty position and hired Hopkins alumna Dr. Valerie DeLeon. Dr. DeLeon has just completed a post-doctoral fellowship under Dr. Roger Reeves, where she researched the genetics of heart septal defects involved with Down Syndrome, among other topics. She previously studied fluctuating asymmetry in crania for her dissertation research under Dr. Joan Richtsmeier.

    At FAE, Dr. DeLeon will join the four senior faculty members in instructing the medical human gross anatomy course. She also intends to pursue research into craniofacial development, morphological integration, and methods for obtaining geometric morphometrics. Additionally, as a joint-appointment as affiliated faculty with the Center for Craniofacial Development and Disorders at Johns Hopkins, she will investigate brain dysmorphology in individuals with autism. We welcome Dr. DeLeon to her new position in FAE.
    Posted: 1 August 2005


    June 2005

  • Congratulations to Amy Chew for her doctorate!
  • Congratulations to Amy Chew, who successfully defended her dissertation entitled "Biostratigraphy, Paleoecology and Synchronized Evolution in the Early Eocene Mammalian Fauna of the Central Bighorn Basin, Wyoming" on May 20. We are grateful to Drs. Gregg Gunnell (University of Michigan), Steven Stanley (Johns Hopkins), and Scott Wing (Smithsonian), who served as external readers.

    Amy has accepted a position as postdoctoral fellow in anatomical sciences at Stony Brook University, beginning in August, where she will work with Prof. Dave Krause.
    Posted: 15 June 2005

  • Upcoming events at FAE (February to July 2005)
  • In the upcoming months, the center will be involved in a number of seminars and symposia:

    19 February - Dr. Chris Ruff will co-chair a symposium on "New Ideas about Old Bones: Bone Biomechanics and Human Evolution" at the annual AAAS meeting in Washington, D.C.

    Also on 19 February - Dr. Mark Teaford will be co-chairing another symposium at the AAAS meeting on the "Origin and Evolution of Modern Human Diet."

    30 March - Dr. Bernard Wood of The George Washington University Department of Anthropology, well-known for his research in hominid paleobiology and systematics, will be a guest speaker at FAE for a seminar titled "Human Evolution: Data and Interpretation." The seminar will be held at 11:30 A.M.

    2-6 April - Dr. Teaford will be giving an invited talk on job prospects for anatomists in physical anthropology and forensics on the 3rd at the annual > American Association of Anatomists meeting in San Diego.

    6-10 April - At the annual American Association of Physical Anthropology meeting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Drs. Ruff and Teaford, as well as current students Jason Organ and Benjamin Auerbach, will be presenting papers and posters. Dr. Teaford will also be co-chairing a career development panel discussion on the 6th. Drs. Kristina Aldridge, Valerie DeLeon, Gail Krovitz, and Carol Ward, alumni, will also be presenting papers.

    14 April - Dr. David Krause, a vertebrate paleontologist from the Department of Anatomical Sciences at Stony Brook University, will give a seminar at F.A.E. entitled "Madagascar's Buried Treasure: Discoveries of Dinosaurs and Other Vertebrates from the Land that Time Forgot."

    3-4 June - Dr. Richard Blob, a researcher in musculoskeletal biomechanics at Clemson University, will give a seminar to the center on "Biomechanics and Biodiversity: Insights From Studies of Weird Animals Doing Strange Things." (4:00 P.M.)

    22 June - Dr. Andrea Taylor, an anatomist and researcher of primate masticatory morphology at Duke University, will deliver a talk entitled "The relationship between jaw-muscle fiber architecture and feeding behavior in primates: Tree-gouging and nongouging gummivorous callitrichids as a naturalistic study" at 3:30 P.M.
    Posted: 11 February 2005 (Updated 15 June 2005)


    March 2005

  • FAE publication in Nature
  • In the March 24 issue of Nature, FAE doctoral candidates Shawn Zack and Tonya Penkrot (together with University of Florida Assistant Professor Jon Bloch and FAE Professor Ken Rose) describe skeletal remains of early Eocene 'hyopsodontid' condylarths from Wyoming which suggest relationship to African elephant shrews (Macroscelidea). The limb bones of Haplomylus and Apheliscus show specializations for running and jumping that are specifically shared with elephant shrews, one of the most primitive groups assigned to the African clade Afrotheria by molecular systematists. The new fossils suggest a Holarctic (perhaps even North American) origin of Afrotheria.
    Posted: 28 March 2005

  • The Rise of Placental Mammals released
  • The volume The Rise of Placental Mammals: Origins And Relationships of the Major Extant Clades, edited by our Dr. Ken Rose and by Dr. J. David Archibald of San Diego State University, is now available from Johns Hopkins University Press. Go to the JHU Press page for more information about this comprehensive book, ordering details, and a list of its dozens of contributors.
    Posted: 7 March 2005


    February 2005

  • Dr. Weishampel in Spain...again.
  • Dr. David Weishampel returns to Spain for an international meeting in Barcelona in conjunction with a new Iguanodon exhibit at the new Museo de la Ciencia de la Fundación "la Caixa." In September of 2004, he attended another meeting in Salas de los Infantes, Spain.

    Dr. Weishampel would also like to announce the upcoming release of the second edition of Drs. Fastovsky and Weishampel's Evolution and Extinction of the Dinosaurs, published by Cambridge University Press and due out in April.
    Posted: 8 February 2005


    December 2004

  • Belated congratulations to Dr. Teaford
  • We give a belated congratulations to Dr. Mark Teaford, who has been selected by the first year students (class of 2007) of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine for his contribution as an outstanding pre-clinical teacher in human gross anatomy. As part of this honor, the students bestowed a Ravens helmet to our resident Baltimore football fan.
    Posted: 26 December 2004


    November 2004

  • Congratulations to Ann Zumwalt for Ph.D. defense!
  • Congratulations to Ann Zumwalt for the successful defense of her dissertation: "The effect of endurance exercise on the morphology of muscle attachment sites: An experimental study in sheep (Ovis aries)" on November 22. We thank the Harvard Field Station and Dr. Dan Lieberman for making available the facilities for carrying out the experimental part of the study, and Drs. John Matyas and Cindy Wilczak for also serving on her external advisory committee. Ann is currently a post-doctoral fellow in the Department of Biological Anthropology and Anatomy at Duke University, where she is continuing her work on exercise and functional adaptation of the skeleton.
    Posted: 28 November 2004

  • Congratulations to Jay Mussell, Ph.D.
  • Congratulations to Jay Mussell, who successfully defended his dissertation entitled "A reexamination of Lipotyphla and Afrotheria using both molecular and morphological analyses" on November 16. We thank Drs. Marc Allard (George Washington University) and Mike Novacek (American Museum of Natural History) for serving as external reviewers and attending the defense. Jay recently began a postdoctoral fellowship in the laboratory of Dr. Lori Kotch here at Johns Hopkins.
    Posted: 28 November 2004

  • Congratulations to Shawn and Tonya!
  • Congratulations to Shawn Zack and Tonya Penkrot, each of whom just received a grant from the Welles Fund at Berkeley. They will use these awards to support dissertation research study at the University of California Museum of Paleontology. We wish them the best of luck in their future research endeavors.
    Posted: 4 November 2004


    October 2004

  • The Dinosauria, 2nd Edition, at last!
  • Dr. Weishampel is pleased to announce the publication of the fully revised second edition of The Dinosauria. Published by the University of California Press, it includes original phylogenetic analyses of all dinosaurian clades (including birds), new chapters on paleoecology, taphonomy, biogeography, thermoregulation, and extinction, and features cover art by Mark Hallett. This makes the second book he has published over the past two years (the other is Dinosaur Papers 1676-1906, a presentation of the early dinosaur literature with historical commentary, published by the Smithsonian Institution Press.
    Posted: 10 October 2004

  • Dr. Weishampel in Spain
  • Dave Weishampel had the pleasure of attending the III Jornadas Internacionales sobre Paleontologia de Dinosaurios y su Entorno in Salas de los Infantes, Spain, this past September. A three-day meeting (including a field trip of the surrounding geology and dinosaur footprint localities), this symposium was international in terms of participants (Spain, England, and the United States) and showcased the rich ichnofaunas found throughout Spain, systematics papers on sauropods and ankylosaurs, the dinosaurs of the east coast of North America, possible marine dinosaurs, and dinosaurian origins, as well as the Museo de Dinosaurios in Salas, with an extensive collection of Early Cretaceous dinosaurs, crocodilians, turtles, and fishes.
    Posted: 6 October 2004


    September 2004

  • A belated congratulations to Dr. Rose on his Humboldt Award!
  • Dr. Kenneth Rose is currently completing his tenure as an Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Award winner, awarded to him in 2003. His research at the Institut für Paläontologie in Bonn, Germany, is supported by the foundation, which awards grants to scientists each year for internationally-recognized contributions to their fields. Many are invited to conduct research at Germany's academic institutions. This is a great honor, and we at the Center are proud to recognize Dr. Rose's achievement.
    Posted: 6 September 2004

    Dr. Rose receives his Humboldt Award from Dr. Wolfgang Frühwald, President of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, in Bamberg, Germany, in March 2004.
  • F.A.E. gets a virtual facelift
  • In order to keep pace with changing needs both within and outside Hopkins, F.A.E. has redesigned and updated its web site. Aside from format changes, many new pages have been added and content revised. Of interest among these are a new graduate program summary page, access to an online application to the Center, a new interactive faculty page, and the introduction of personal web pages for all current members of the Center. Enjoy exploring the site!
    Posted: 6 September 2004

  • F.A.E. welcomes new post-doc Kristin and new grad students Gina and Mike
  • The Center welcomes two new graduate students to our Ph.D. program. Mike Habib comes to our department having completed his Master's in Biology from the University of Virginia. Georgina McKusick joins us from Chicago, where she finished her B.A. in Anthropology last year. We wish them luck as they begin their first year studies.

    We also welcome Kristin Wright, who is joining us from Northwestern University's School of Medicine. There, she has been completing her dissertation on the postcranial morphology of weeper capuchins in relation to ecology and locomotion. She will be starting her tenure as a post-doctoral fellow at F.A.E.
    Posted: 6 September 2004


    July 2004

  • Congratulations to Dr. François Therrien!
  • All of us at F.A.E. extend our congratulations to François Therrien on his recent successful completion of his dissertation defense. His thesis is titled "Paleoenvironmental reconstruction of the Late Cretaceous (Maastrichtian) dinosaur-bearing formations of Romania." François leaves to begin a post-doctoral fellowship for University of Calgary and Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology in Alberta, Canada. Good luck, François!
    Posted: 22 July 2004

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