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Welcome to our new students!

The FAE family welcomes our two new first-year students: Catherine Llera and Kinley Russell. We are excited to have both of you!

Posted: August 2017

Congratulations to Heather Ahrens on a successful dissertation defense!

Heather Ahrens has defended her thesis, entitled "Phylogeny and Locomotor Ecomorphology of Oxyaenidae and Macroevolutionary Patterns in North American “Creodonta” (Mammalia, Placentalia)”! Congratulations, Heather!

Posted: June 2017

Congratulations to Christy and Stephanie!

Christine Harper and Stephanie Canington have successfully passed their oral exams. Welcome to candidacy and congratulations!

Posted: May 2017

"Muscle Anatomy: A Johns Hopkins Medicine 3D App" is now available!

A new app for exploring the musculoskeletal system, developed in our department with the software company Biodigital, is now available in the Apple iTunes Store:

For more information and a demo, see the Johns Hopkins Solutions webpage:

Congratulations, Elle Fricano!

FAE PhD candidate, Ellen Fricano, has been appointed as Student Liaison to the Executive Committee of the American Association of Physical Anthropology. Elle will promote the participation of student members in the association, and bring issues of interest and concern to the student members and to the AAPA Executive Committee.

Congratulations to Ken and Dave on their retirement!

Many congratulations to our esteemed Professors Dave Weishampel and Ken Rose who retired this summer after more than 30 years at FAE each.

We hope you enjoy that emeritus status!

Posted October 2016

Welcome to our new faculty!

We are excited to welcome our two newest faculty members to FAE! Dr. Gabriel Bever studies the evolution and development of the vertebrate skeleton and the origin of the major tetrapod crown clades. Dr. Siobhan Cooke studies dental functional morphology, platyrrhine evolution, and masticatory biomechanics. We are so happy to have you both!

Posted: October 2016

Welcome to our new students!

The FAE family welcomes our two new first-years: Deanna Goldstein and Aneila Hogan. A warm welcome to you both!

Posted: October 2016

Congratulations to Nicky Squyres on a successful dissertation defense!

Nicky Squyres has defended her thesis, entitled "Shape variation in the distal femur of modern humans and fossil hominins." Nicky has taken a teaching position at The Pennsylvania State University. Congratulations, Nicky!

Posted: October 2016

Functional Anatomy and Evolution at SVP

Paleontologists from around the world gathered this month at the Annual Meeting of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology in Dallas, Texas. At least twenty-three former members of the FAE were present, including former students, post-docs and faculty. Current students gave four posters and two talks at the meeting. Pictured (L-R) Larry Witmer, Mike Habib, Carol Ward, Mary Silcox, Dave Weishampel, Rachel Dunn, François Gould, Heather Ahrens, Amy Chew, Tony Harper, Heather Kristjanson, Katrina Jones, Ken Rose, Tonya Penkrot, Shawn Zack.

Posted: October 2015

Congratulations to Megan Holmes on a successful dissertation defense!

Megan Holmes has defended her thesis, entitled "Developmental and Functional Influences on Covariance in the Mandible" and has emerged victorious! Megan now continues her work in the Anatomy department at Duke. Congratulations Megan!

Posted: August 2015

Welcome to our new students and post-docs!

The FAE family has grown quite sizeably this month, with the addition of two new post-docs and two new first-year students. Elizabeth St Clair and Maxx Toler have arrived to take up postdoctoral positions, with Stephanie Canington and Christy Harper ready to take up the grad school gauntlet. A warm welcome to you all!

Posted: August 2015

Welcome Adam!

Adam Sylvester has returned to the department to take on the position of faculty member. Adam comes to us from the University of Glasgow and is going to be conducting research into the mechanics of bipedality in homimins. Welcome!

Posted: July 2015

Farewell Janine

It is with much regret that the FAE announces Janine Chalk's departure. Janine has moved to Georgia to continue her teaching and research in the position of faculty member at Mercer College. Congratulations and good luck!

Posted: June 2015

Congratulations to Kaya and Elle!

Ellen Powell and Kaya Zelazny have successfully passed their oral exams. They will be continuing their research on craniofacial development and hindlimb evoution of hominins respectively. Welcome to candidacy and congratulations!

Posted: May 2015