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Pediatric Brian Tumor | Declan’s Story

During an MRI to monitor 5-year-old Declan’s growth hormone deficiency, his parents received the shocking news that the scan showed Declan had a large craniopharyngioma brain tumor. The family found themselves at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, with Declan having brain surgery the next day. Watch neurosurgeon Alan Cohen and the pediatric neurosurgical team discuss how they removed this tumor.


The Promise of Medicine: Stories of Innovation, Collaboration and Hope

Cavernous Malformation | Sue's Story

Sue was transferred to The Johns Hopkins Hospital after being told her cavernous malformation was inoperable. Using keyhole surgery, neurosurgeon Kaisorn Chaichana was able to remove Sue’s potentially lethal cavernous malformation, enabling her to go back to living her life to the fullest.

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Liver Cancer | Q&A

Johns Hopkins surgical oncologist Matthew Weiss answers important questions about liver cancer, including, advancements in treatment options, treatment plans for early- and advanced- stage liver cancer, and secondary approaches.

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